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Living in Brazil.

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LIVING IN By Holly York 2c2 Almost Every body has heard of Brazil but few people actually know anything about it. Most people when asked what images come to mind when you think of Brazil? Would probably say, coffee, Indians, football, the Amazon or perhaps Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is actually quite difficult to describe. It is a very big country, bigger than the whole of Europe put together. Because of its size it has a great variety of physical features, climate and types of vegetation. There are also great variations in how people live, their wealth and overall quality of life. Brazil can best be described as a land of contrast. The Rich Sao Paulo is the biggest and wealthiest city in the whole of Brazil. It's just like any normal, modern city: crowded, busy, full of huge skyscrapers, shops, restaurants and plenty of nightlife. Many families in the city are well off and have a good standard of living. But not everyone is as lucky though. Some people in the city are very poor and live a very difficult life. The Poor On the outskirts of Sao Paulo there is a slum district just like many others in Brazil. ...read more.


The forest provides and excellent diet as there is a choice of over250 fruits and hundreds of vegetables, nuts and leaves. The Indians make their own 'gardens' in small forest clearings. Developments in the rainforest have brought many benefits. They have provided jobs, brought money to the region and helped Brazils Industry and agriculture. However there have been problems. Large parts of the rainforest have been put under serious threat. * Settlers have moved to the forest and brought diseases, death and illness with them. * Violent cattle Ranchers forced Indians of bits of land and would then burn the trees to make space for their cattle, this ruins the soil and stops anything growing there in the future. * Plants once used by the Indians to make medicines have disappeared. * Many parts of the forest have been put under water and many Indians have lost their homes due to the hep scheme - hydro electric power * Chemicals and mining waste have poisoned rivers. * The amount of animals in the forest decreases as the trees are cut down. * Roads have been cut through the forest again destroying the soil and the trees. ...read more.


that cattle ranchers would be good to the Indians and maybe provide them with jobs but then I found out about how they burn down trees, force Indians of their land and some times even resort to murdering them. But as well as finding out about bad things I found out about the good things. I found that many people in Brazil live a nice life in big cities, beaches, sun and shopping centres. So Brazil is huge, exciting, interesting and colourful. It has forests and semi deserts. It has spectacular cities, areas of unexplored wilderness. It has Indian tribes and a population made up of people from all over the world. But it is the contrast between the rich and the poor that people notice more than anything else. On one hand there is the appalling poverty of the favelas. On the other there is the high-class lifestyle of the wealthy. That is Brazils greatest problem and the one that is causing the most concern. South America....................................... Page 2 Brazil?................................................ Page 3 Sao Paulo.......................................... Page 4, 5 Rio de Janeiro........................................ Page 6 Teenagers of Brazil................................. Page 7 The Amazon rainforest......................... Page 8, 9 What problems?.................................. Page 10 Quick Brazil facts................................. Page 11 Conclusion...................................... ...read more.

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