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Long Term causes of the english civil war

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    However the movement was put down swiftly by India without the British attempting to co operate, making the movement a failure. Violence broke out in the movement and over 60,000 were arrested after over three thousands injuries and one thousand deaths between August and November 1945.

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    Caesar/Pompey, ST - Antony/Octavian), and had a minor member (FT - Crassus, ST - Lepidus). * Both triumvirates were used by the key players to support each other; through this support, key members were able to gain power to do what they wanted, which would not have been possible without triumvirate.

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    The 2 armies were about the same size-around 14,500. The royal calvary under prince Rupert and lord Wilmot pushed back the wings of the parlianmentry army. After only 3 hours of fighting neither side was able to make headway, and they broke off as night fell.

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    It showed what lengths he would go to, to get what he wanted. But the most unpopular thing Charles thing he did that envolved money, was selling monopilies. Monopilies were when a ?single company owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service?*

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