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Long Term Causes of the First World War

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Long Term Causes of the First World War There were several long term causes leading up to the First World War, but they can be divided into three categories: Growing Tension, The Arms Race and The Alliance System. The first of these to occur was the growing tension, and it remained throughout the whole period of the war. It also triggered the rest of the main long term causes. There were several factors which created that growing tension. One of the main triggers was Germany having a great desire for a higher prestige, and strong levels of nationalism. This made the rest of the world extremely worried and cautious, and as there was already a great tension in Europe, this meant ...read more.


Germany started to rise up to Europe's fears, and invaded several other countries in order to raise its army size. This was the beginning of the preparation to war, called the Arms Race. In response to Germany's actions, Great Britain and France drastically increased the size of its Navy and Army. There was then an Arms Race between Germany and Great Britain to build a battleship far stronger and more powerful than there had ever been before. At this point, Europe realised that it was facing a massive war which would spread and eventually affect the entire world. This created unimaginable fear and prompted many other countries to take sides, or improve their own armies. ...read more.


All of these points contributed greatly to the start of the war, and were deeply inter-related. The start of the whole process was the Growth of tension, and the rise in Germany's status in Europe and their �60,000,00 investment in their armed forces . This created fear and uncertainty, leading to the increase of other Armies and Navy's and finally the division of Europe. All these events created the fear and panic needed to create a war, and in some cases provoked other countries to get involved- they felt like they had to do something, or to protect themselves, otherwise there would be total devastation. By Maxine Nutting 9E ...read more.

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