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Ludlow Castle.

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In addition, there were many ovens in the kitchen which could suggest that there were a lot of people to cook for. No only do both of these show palatial features within the castles life, the ovens position in the kitchen, or even the kitchens position in the castle suggest that great amounts of people had previously lives in the castle. By the kitchen being far away from the Great Hall, it suggests to us that they placed it there for a reason. That reason being in-case of an emergency. I.e. Fire. If there ever was a fire in the kitchen, the Lords and Ladies in the Great Hall would not be harmed one bit as they would not have been anywhere near it. The castle contains a block of toilets. This shows that whoever did actually live in the castle, was extremely wealthy. Wealthy because they didn t want just a normal toilet, they wanted a block of them. This shows them to be wealthy and therefore adds to the palatial features in the castle. Ludlow castle also contains a solar block. This was used frequently as it was the best room in terms of sunlight. (It lets in the most sunlight and because of this, the solar block became very popular with the people living in the bright environment.) ...read more.


These being a fortress, a palace, an Administrative Centre and a tourist attraction. It DID NOT go through just 2 stages. Ludlow castle began its life as a fortress and ended as a palace. This interpretation is not accurate and is incorrect. I feel that I have proven it is incorrect by identifying the specific roles that the castle undertook. I feel that the castle has kept the same style, although having numerous changes to its structure. They have managed to change the castles dangerous/hazardous points, without loosing its character. Overall, I have reinforced the fact that Ludlow Castle didn t begin its life as a fortress and end as a palace. That after that, it fulfilled 2 other roles. I feel that I have effectively done this too. By Danielle Greening 10C asons. More evidence of the castle being a tourist attraction is the fact that signs have been put up so that visitors know where things are e.g. toilets, gift shops. The last 2 points were and still are beneficial for the tourists who are at the c24�'� � �~#�#(r)(�+�1�8�9\;^;v@fC�F�F�HK�PR�Y�Y�_�_�_` `�������������������������������(2�"'(� �) @�S 4��,0�) )(r))�)dGhGnGrG�G�G�L�LfWjW�_�_ `�����������������������' "��" - " "��" "��" - "��" "0�" - ��%�����-���� "� " tt `b `d(�ݦTimes New Roman��. " " " "��ð � ,,,YSend To OneNote 2007��/ d,,Letterwpno��(winspoolSend To OneNote 2007Send To Microsoft OneNote Port:F�� "\�"�'"�V "i"�` "�`""A."@��"\�"�"�V "i"�` "�`"."8 "Y "5%"�` "1/2B"�` "�`"."Untitled""�p"�p (" )"ended as a palace. This inte�� �����Z� ��� �O�2�Quill96 Story Group Class�����9�qy�,y�,y�,y�,...�,' y�,) ��,Gy�,L ...read more.

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