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Macbeth's Diary.

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Daniel Nuttall 10N0 Mac Beth's Diary 7/7/02 Dairy Entry 1 Today I have won a great battle. I have defeated the Norwegian army. They were a very strong and I had doubts about doing it at first but you have to be positive in your mind to win a battle like this. A banquet awaits me in the main hall. I feel like I deserve it and so does my loyal friend Banquoe as we both fought well in battle together. Dozens have died at the hand of Banquoe and hundreds mine, we are an unbeatable partnership. Anyway, my banquet waits. Farewell Diary Entry 2 Today three witches approached Banquoe and I. They told me that I would become thane of Glamis and Cawdor. They also said that I will become king! Very much doubt that this will happen but I am secretly excited about this happening, as the witches seemed convinced that this would happen and they were so strange and weird it was difficult not to believe them. ...read more.


Diary Entry 4 I think that my wife is forcing me into killing Duncan, right now she is telling me to go and kill him. Duncan is a good man, I really don't want kill him, but if my wife believes it's the best thing to do, and it'll please her, then I shall go and kill him. If I kill Duncan then I will have to kill Banquoe and his children so he can't have anymore of them. I want to be king and be very powerful, but I don't feel right killing one of my closest friends and the king. I shall be sent into eternal damnation when I kill the king because he is God's representative on Earth. I am really not sure about this. God help me. Diary Entry 5 My wife is very happy now I am king, but I am not so. ...read more.


This reassured me, not that I should believe them, but they were right about the 1st two things happening, so maybe I should do. I am not sure what they mean by the forest moving towards my castle. But if it comes true, I will soon see. I'm not sure if they are still playing with my mind or not. They are so strange it's hard to tell if they mean things or not. I just hope nothing happens to my wife or I. Diary Entry 7 I am devastated! Even though she did drive me to kill many people, I still loved her. I can't believe that she has died. Maybe the witches drove her to kill herself. I am afraid that I may join her very soon, as a large army is on their way, dressed in the leaves from the forest for camouflage, the witches were telling the truth. I fear that they will kill me; my army here is too small. Please God, help me to win this battle and avenge the death of my wife. ...read more.

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