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Malcolm X - life time-line

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MALCOLM X May 19, 1925 Malcolm Little is born in Omaha, NE 1929 The family's Lansing, MI, home is burned to the ground. 1931 Malcolm's father is found dead on the town's trolley tracks. 1946 Malcolm is sentenced to 8-10 years for armed robbery; serves 6 1/2 years at Charlestown, MA State Prison. 1948-49 Converts to the Nation of Islam while in prison. 1953 Changes name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X and becomes Assistant Minister of Nation of Islam's Detroit Temple. 1954 Promoted to Minister of Nation of Islam's New York Temple. 1958 Marries Sister Betty X in Lansing, Michigan. 1959 Travels to Middle East and Africa. 1963 Nation of Islam orders Malcolm X to be silent, allegedly because of remarks concerning President Kennedy's assassination. March, 1964 Malcolm X leaves the Nation of Islam and starts his new organization, Muslim Mosque, Inc. May, 1964 Starts the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), a secular political group. February 14, 1965 Malcolm X's home is firebombed. ...read more.


2. In prison Malcolm X was introduved to islam and the so called black muslims led by Elijah Muhammed. He wrote to Elijah almost daily These black muslims believed that blacks were superior to whites and blacks should take control of things. He found this answered alot of his questions in life so he joined this black movement. He became a convert to islam and changed his name to Malcolm X. The X in his name represented the African tribe he came from but did not know. His original name was Malcolm Little which was the slave name given to him so that is why he felt the need to change it. Prison i think made Malcolm X stronger and prepared him for what was to come. During prison he preached his islamic beliefs to other inmates. At the age of 27 after serving six and a half years of imprisonment he was released upon the world. After his imprisonment he was always well groomed and and stopped drinking and smoking. ...read more.


On the pilgrimage he saw all races on the earth united together worshiping one god and saw them in peace. It was recorded several times after his pilgrimage that he said it is wrong to group all white people as racist. He left the black Muslims and became a convert to the orthodox islam and was bitterly denounced by his old friend Elijah Muhammed and his home was fire bombed and he and his family just escaped injury. He formed the organisation of Afro-American unity and tried to bring the black struggle in the us before the UN . 5. On febuary 21st 1965 Malcolm X was assasinated by rival black Muslims while addressing a gathering at the Audobon ballroom in washington heights Newyork city at the age of 39. Obviously people would react but sure enough the Black Muslim headquarters were burned in San Fransisco and New York two days after his death. It was only a year later that the three men who murdered him were put on trial and covicted of his murder. There was even a Malcolm X day celebrated every year to one of the greatest black leaders to have ever lived. ...read more.

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