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Man On The Moon Or Was He?

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´╗┐Man On The Moon Or Was He? During the years of the 1950?s and 1960?s the Americans and the Russians were competing in an extreme ?space race? to show which countries way of life was superior. They both claimed they were going to do this by being the first side to land a man on the moon. The Americans were devastated when they heard that the first man to orbit the Earth was a Russian man named Yuri Gagarin. John F Kennedy however shortly claimed after this that by the end of the decade an American astronaut would land on the moon and return home safely. Eight years on from this the Americans had devised a space plan and planned on sending the Apollo 11 with two astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and back, they would arrive on the 20 July 1969. ...read more.


Or was there more to the story? The new story spread throughout the world very quickly. As new video footage and photographs were released some people began to doubt the fact that man had really landed on the moon and many began to claim the whole thing was faked. Many people claimed that the Americans did not have the technology to land a man on the moon and return him safely. In fact many people today still believe that the whole event was faked and that the Americans just wanted to beat the Russians. Some believe it was faked because John F Kennedy claimed they would land a man on the moon by 1970 and so wanted to fulfil his promises. ...read more.


These are all very reasonable questions and the evidence strongly suggests a faked moon landing. However, many people responded in outrage and explained why these things occurred, many people were still not convinced and much further criticism and scrutiny were used over other pieces of evidence. In 2001 a survey took place and it showed that approximately 30% of all American citizens believed the 1969 moon landing were still one of history?s great hoaxes. In my opinion I think it is hard to decide whether the moon landings were faked or not because there are many pieces of evidence to support both sides strongly. When I am convinced that the moon landings were faked, I then go and read another piece of evidence that suggests the moon landings were real and I cannot fully decide which side to support. ...read more.

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