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Manifest Destiny

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Nick Sparks Mr. Blair US History 14 November 2010 Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny: an expansion, prearranged by Heaven, over an area not clearly defined (24 Merk). The United States of America was just like any other country who a sense in national destiny. The Manifest Destiny was our mission to expand the Continental United States from sea to shining sea. As the original colonies began to over populate, the need for more land, which was in abundance in the United States, was needed greatly. The coining of the term, "Manifest destiny," was brought about by a reporter, John O'Sullivan of the New York newspaper "The Morning Post." He said that, "(It is) our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty"(www.historyonthenet.com). The quote gives us a reason to expand our nation and tearing down others. Without this kind of explanation, then there would be more in opposition and less hostility of the common people and government officials. ...read more.


With the first gold found at Sutter's Mill, people started showing up by the thousands, and they were also called the 49ers. The Manifest Destiny had to side of supporters, those for and against. They were inspired to reach across from sea to sea because of two reasons: that God had gave them the challenge to stretch from sea to shining sea, and the feasible need for the country to increase in size. Advocators for the Manifest Destiny were mainly white Americans with a Northern European background, who were enlightened by other cultures. They argue that the call for this westward expansion is needed for a country that is growing faster and faster each day. Supporters also said that the government had a divine right to grow, but also had to protect all the people traveling to those new territories and to protect them once they get there. Newton once said in his laws of gravity, "Every action as an equal but opposite reaction." People in opposition thought that it was impossible for God to grant us to take land from other people who had been there for hundreds of years. ...read more.


When all negotiations with Britain was finished, the movement for Oregon started out slow, but then blossomed with thousands of migrants moving along the Oregon Trail, which stretched from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon. The next struggle that Polk would have to face would be on the Texas Independence from Mexico, which was said by many to be his greatest accomplishment in his presidency. On March 2, 1836, Texas declared independence from Mexico. Mexico never showed awareness of this declaration, therefore causing a war between the United States and Mexico. In the United States, the South wanted this war so that they could have back Texas, which was once part of the South, but was traded to Spain for Florida. The war would last for two years. In the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago, the Mexican property would cede nearly half, 500,000 miles, to the United States, and the border between the United States and Mexico at Texas would be the Rio Grande. In return, the United States would give the Mexican government fifteen million dollars for the new territory, which included California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. The beginning of the Civil War had also put a damper in the quest of larger territories for the United States. ...read more.

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