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Martin Luther King.

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Extended Writing. Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King jnr was born on the 15th January 1929. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin lived with his mother, father, Martin Luther King senior and his brothers and sisters. They all lived in a nice family home and their lived were perfect apart from one major detail. The problem was that they lived in an area where most of the citizens were white and in this area the white's thought the blacks were not as good as them. The city of Atlanta was at the southern part of the United States. Martin first found out about how hard life was for black citizens at the tender age of six years. He was forced to break the friendship he has built with two of his best friends because they all had to attend different schools. This was all down to the fact that Martin had brown skin and his friends had white. ...read more.


To get his points across Martin and his fellow followers used tactics such as freedom rides and sit-ins. Freedom rides were when black and white people sat on buses together and mixed with each other in the durations of their journeys. This got many people, from both black and white ethnics, annoyed and angry. Some people attacked those who took part in these acts. Sit-ins were of the same culture as freedom rides but instead of people mixing on buses, they used to go out and sit together in diners, coffee houses and caf´┐Ż's. Yet again this stirred up a lot of trouble and got many people angry. A vast majority of people got hurt. Martin did not believe in violence and so used non-violent tactics. They did this because they believed that violence did not solve anything. The less violence they used the more the opposition got annoyed. ...read more.


He believed in making his opinion heard. He always wanted to protect his family. The weaknesses Martin suffered from were not as huge. They were just that he took everything back into his own hands and took everything that was thrown at him. At one stage of his life, a woman using a knife stabbed Martin. He pulled through and fully recovered. This made Martin very strong. All of Martins Strengths and beliefs won rights for black citizens. Martin achieved respect for the black people. He gained votes and rights to do the same things as the white people. He gained the best things of all, EQUALITY AND FREEDOM. Today, Martin Luther King Still has an impact on the lives of many people. He is one of the world's greatest exemplars. The way he used non-violent tactics won him many things. Today No arguments are solved, this is because everyone argues and fights over very little things. The teachings of Martin are still being talked about today. They help change the views of many people. Martin Luther King will never be forgotten. ...read more.

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