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Martin Luther King and civil rights.

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done. Nine black students were blocked from entering the school on the orders of Governor Orval Faubas. President Eisenhower sent federal troops and the National Guard to intervene on the behalf of the students, who became the 'Little Rock Nine' Divisions over how to gain more civil rights began because of blacks and their socio economic positions and their experiences. This is the reason why black communities disagreed amongst themselves. Blacks had different opinions. Some blacks thought they could achieve more civil rights by acting as non-violence, however, some blacks thought they could gain more civil rights by acting with violence. The older blacks thought they could achieve much more by acting as non-violence. They thought this because in the 1950's much was achieved using non-violence, this meant it was a sensible policy to continue with. ...read more.


Martin Luther King preached non-violence. Martin Luther King was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement, he believed in the power of love and his clear Christian beliefs made him a respected figure for both blacks and whites, many people were keen to follow his views. MLK believed in true equality and that it could be achieved only by non-violent actions, and he followed the actions of Mahatma Ghandi. He used his actions in India as his inspiration. By the 1960 the key battles had been fought and won using non-violent strategies. For example the Bus Boycott in Montgomery had led to the end of segregation on public transport and the legal end of segregation in education came with the Brown vs. Topeka ruling. A middle-aged women living in Memphis who was a cleaner supported non-violence. ...read more.


They were willing to begin physically fighting for a change. Many young blacks had watched their parents struggle and they saw them be victims of racial harassment despite of the new civil rights laws in the 1950's. They did not see non-violence as being effective and wanted a more militant protest to begin with. The 'Black Power' movement and salute grew up from blacks increasing awareness that they could change their lives. Many believed using force and violence showed that blacks were now a political force and that they had to be taken seriously. White violence and racism were still very strong in the 1960's. The establishment e.g. police, army and the government, were still willing to use violence against black people. Blacks began to feel it was time to fight back. Martin Luther King's death seemed to justify black violence ad clearly black non-violence was ?? ?? ?? ?? MUQADDASA IRAM CHAUDHRY CANDIDATE NO: 3054 COURSEWORK 2 CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Page: 2 of 3 ...read more.

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