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Martin Luther King and his story

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And his story They lived in the city of Atlanta in the United States. As a child, Martin lived a happy life with his brother and sister. The only problem Martin had was that he was black. Martin found out that life was going to be hard as a black person when he was not allowed to play with his friends that were white. He was only six at the time. His mother told him "don't let it make you feel you're not as good as the white people", but Martin knew that he would be looked down on all his life. Martin knew he must always treat others as he would like to be treated himself, like it said in the Bible. He knew from a young age that he must be nice to the white people, even though they were not nice to him. When he was fifteen years old Martin decided to find out for himself what it was like to be a black person. He went to the south of the United States, where there was a lot more racism. During his stay he got two jobs. One loading and unloading parcels and goods from a railway and the other was working for a firm making mattresses. ...read more.


Martin was the president of the boycott meetings they called them self's the M.I.A (Montgomery Improvement Association). One evening thousands of black people attended the meeting, Martin was to be main speaker. He had no time to prepare for it . all the television cameras would be there. Martin was very worried about what would happen he said a pray to God:- "Lord, calm me down. Be with me now when I need your help more than ever, help me say the right things". The speech went well and Martin knew that God was there with him, I think that it influenced Martin to know that God was there, it gave him courage and strength. He said in his speech that we must love our enemies. As a Christian, Martin remembered this from the Bible and he would have been trying to follow the teachings of Jesus and St Paul. This is how Martin began trying to get better conditions for black people. It became know as the Civil Rights Movement. Martin started to get threatening phone calls from the white people calling him horrible names such as "nigger". This really upset Martin so he said a pray aloud to God. "lord, I'm taking a stand for what I believe is right. I've had enough. ...read more.


Martin was really pleased by this as it was making the black and white people equal. Martin had always been concerned about all aspects of unfair treatment. In 1968 Martin went to Memphis, Tennessee. He stepped out onto the balcony to do a speech. Suddenly a shot was fired from the shabby hotel opposite. Martin fell backwards blood gushed from a three inch hole in his neck. He was rushed to hospital. One hour later he was dead. Every one was deeply saddened and very angry about his assassination, there were riots and protests but people knew that this would get them nowhere. Since 1986, the 3rd Monday each January has been a National Holiday in the United States of America, known as the Martin Luther King Day. It celebrates Martins work in helping the black people to have greater equality and a better life. Two months before he died, Martin had said he would like people to remember him as a man who had given his life to serving others. On his gravestone the following is written:- Free at last, free at last Thank God almighty I'm free at last Martin Luther King was a man of strong ideals and principles. He based this on the teachings of the Bible and he was a true Christian. His words and his actions came from the stories and teachings found in the Bible. ...read more.

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