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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X - source related study in their difference of opinion.

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History Coursework Assignment~ Question 3 Though all blacks wanted to put an end to racism, not all black leaders had the same ideas of how they were going to do it. Many followed the ideas of Martin Luther King but others turned to violence which was supported by Malcolm X. In this essay I will see if Sources D and E are useful in proving why there was such difference of opinions. Source D is a statement made by Martin Luther King in a magazine named "Liberation" in 1959 were he tells of his opinions against violence. Source E is a clipping out of Malcolm X's autobiography in 1970 which tells of his supportive opinions of violence. Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister and believed very strongly in peace and non-violence. He was inspired by the teachings of Ghandi who was a political and spiritual leader during India's struggle with Great Britain. Ghandi devised a form of non-violent resistance which was called "Satyagraha", which is exactly what Martin Luther King intended to use, peaceful protest as in source D, Martin Luther King stated that those who protest peacefully would not lose support but maybe gain it. ...read more.


By late 1950's buses and schools were no longer segregated due to Martin Luther King's ideas of boycotting the systems. Malcolm X was also a black leader who was trying to gain some respect from the white public, but he had very different techniques compared to Martin Luther King. Though he had supporters, he did not have as many as Martin Luther King since Martin Luther King was supported by blacks as well as whites. Malcolm X's father was also a Baptist minister like Martin Luther King and when Malcolm X was 6 years old; his father was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. Many other black people had had family members murdered by the Ku Klux Klan and this is why he had some followers who were also hungry for bloodshed. Malcolm X had a passion for violence and wanted to achieve "black power". The reason why his last name was X was because he had previously had the name of his ancestors who were slaves and had to bear the names of their masters. ...read more.


Malcolm X rejected Martin Luther King's ideas and he stated in source E, in his autobiography that people such as Martin Luther King were lying to themselves and trying to convince themselves that they could achieve integration with their "good white people". Though the sources are useful in stating the beliefs and ideas of both leaders, I do not really think there was so much evidence in them; mostly I had to use my own knowledge. Source D stated ideas concerning why blacks should have followed peaceful methods, but it did not state why they did, though they may have agreed with everything Martin Luther King said but in my opinion, this would not have been enough to trigger the direction of their support. Source E, Malcolm X's saying, mentioned why there was no point of trying to gain integration; though the sources stated each leader's ideas on violence and integration, the sources did not really elaborate on "why" black people followed what they did. Therefore I think that the sources were useful in some areas of finding out why some black people did not support Martin Luther King but did not cover all the important factors. Karin Blomkvist ...read more.

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