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May 1st 1845.

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May 1st 1845 I'm actually quite scared as today, we are going on a journey. The thing is, I have no idea where to, then again, I don't think anyone does. All I know is that we are going west. A lot of my friends and their family's have gone but I haven't seen them since and I doubt that I ever will again. My brother James says were going because there's not enough room for us and we'll find a better, wealthier life, but I don't know how he knows that. I'm scared of the Indians we might see. I've heard they kill you because you are white. All we're taking are some blankets, pillows, food and all the money and valuables we have to buy supplies and things. Dad says we'll be travelling most of the time anyway. Were taking the two horses and a wagon my dad and my brother made. My older sister is really upset. She set up her own business and my mum forced her to give it up to come with us. I'm going to miss Independence. I've lived here all 10 years of my life; all my memories are here, but so are everyone else's. I really can't see the point in giving up everything to go and look for a life that we don't even know exists. ...read more.


I told them we were heading for Fort Bridger, but they thought we were kidding ourselves. I saw more Indians, but this time, they chased us! We had to run for our lives. Some of the people behind us were killed. An arrow hit the top of our wagon. I've got it in the wagon. It's my souvenir to say 'I survived an Indian attack' but in the end, I don't think it'll be that big a deal. These Indians looked different to the other Indians we saw. These ones had darker skin and had painted there faces with white markings. Got to stop writing; I need my sleep! August 28th 1845 We have finally reached Fort Bridger! I know the man way back in Fort Laramie said it was a long way, but I didn't think it would take over two months! Mr Bridger (he just makes us call him Jim) said he would guide us for as long as we needed him. The only thing I found peculiar about him was that he was dressed like an Indian. It's all too confusing. Why would you want to dress like someone who tries to kill you!? I'm Exhausted after crossing the Rocky's. We virtually went non-stop. ...read more.


I'm too tired to write anymore. Hopefully the way down will be easier than the way up! October 25th 1845 We've finally got over the Sierra Nevada, but something horrible has happened. James has died. I'm heart-broken. I used to tell him everything. He used to be such good fun. He died about three days ago. We had to bury him and put a piece of wood where he is lying. I carved in it - James Kennedy: rest in peace. I can't believe I had to do that to my big brother. He was only nineteen. I'll miss him so much. I just can't stand the thought that he spent the last few months of his life looking for something, and then not seeing what he was finally looking for. I will write when I get to the end of our trail. It can't be far now. November 12th 1845 I can't believe it. We have finally reached a perfect place called California. I was determined to get here for James. I know he would have wanted to get here, so we're going to go back to where we buried him and are going to re-bury him here. It's great here. It's just the right heat and just the right amount of rain for farming and my dad said it has great fertile soil (but I don't really know anything about that). It was a big risk coming here, but it was worth it. ...read more.

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