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Media Studies Coursework: Soap Operas

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Eastenders has been showing for the last nineteen years and is still going strong although on a recent vote Emmerdale came out on top. Eastenders was originally going to be called East 8. The first episode was shown on the 19th February 1985. EastEnders was shown twice a week for its first eight years, then three times a week from 11th April 1994. On 6th August 2001 it went to four times a week. This was because of its immense popularity. EastEnders is filmed at BBC Elstree studios outside North London. Soap operas first started in the USA in the 1930`s. The name "soap opera" was chosen because many of the companies who sponsored them made washing powder, soap and cleaning materials. This genre became very popular and expanded worldwide. There are a number of codes and conventions to a soap opera. Eastenders is an open opera because there is no apparent end point. Eastenders is shown several times a week with no end date. ...read more.


They may not help anyone and may not care about anyone. The characters are either sympathetic or unsympathetic. There are usually stock characters and stereotypes. There is usually a witch who stirs up trouble. There may also be a slut who goes around with all the men. There is a wise woman who is always willing to give you advice. Then there is a career woman whose interest is money. There is usually a teenager, a mother, single mother, pensioner, holy woman, chorus, troublemaker, peacemaker and an ethnic character. The ethnic character is to get as big as audience as possible. In Eastenders Sarah is the witch and the slut because she is trying to break up a marriage and is causing trouble to Martin. Martin is already married to Sonya and doesn't want to hurt her. Sonya is the caring type and doesn't want to hurt anyone. She cares about everyone and has a good personality. The pensioner and the holy woman is Dot. ...read more.


She realises how hard it is for him to hurt Sonia, which is just proof to her of a what a lovely guy he is. She genuinely doesn't think that there's any problem. Finally Martin convinces Sarah to leave. She asks him to kiss her for the last time. Martin being a fool does. Martin is at the fruit stall and meets Sarah. Sarah then takes an apple and Martin thinks it is the last time he is ever going to see her. Martin is very happy when gets home but is shocked when Sarah is there. This shows women as very seductive, clever and manipulating. The kiss was a symbol that Sarah was going to come back. Martin being a fool kissed her not knowing the consequences. The apple is a symbolic item representing Adam and Eve. Adam was na�ve and ate the apple that Eve gave him. This shows Sarah was seductive. Women always give eye attention to the person they are talking to. Women are portrayed as emotional (Sarah), like to talk things out and have empathy. This means that women share the emotional pain. ?? ?? ?? ?? Khawar Hussain 10R English ...read more.

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