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Methods used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War

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Essay on what methods were used by the Vietcong. In this essay I will be discussing the tactics used by the Vietcong against the US and why they were so effective despite the fact that the US were very strong in open warfare, as well as having a huge advantage in technology such as more sophisticated weapons, aircraft and equipment. This was mainly because the Vietcong used guerrilla tactics, which were not familiar to the Americans at the time so they had the advantage, as they knew the jungles of South Vietnam, as well as being very resourceful and used to the climate, which caught the Americans out. Firstly, as the Vietcong were very clever they knew that because the Americans did not know Vietnam well and how to differentiate the Vietcong from other Vietnamese people they would dress in a similar way to any Vietnamese usually in pyjamas. Source A tells us that US soldiers could never tell who was an enemy or friend, as the Vietnamese all looked the same to the US soldiers. ...read more.


Furthermore if the US tried to retreat the Vietcong would pursue them to give them more pressure as well as to scare them and lower morale. Along with this the Vietcong were also very good at using the environment and land to their advantage, as they knew they could not win with a full on battle in the open with Americans, so the Vietcong would wear dark clothes or pyjamas but would make use of tree branches or leaves to cover themselves and also hide in vegetation. This was proved to be very effective against the US, as it would be likely for them with the lack of sleep and fatigue to be less alert of their surroundings. The Vietcong would then surprise attack the Americans, which would probably shock many of them, as they were not ready giving the Vietcong an advantage in battle. Secondly this would again lower morale for the Americans, as they would be worried of being attacked and would have to look carefully everywhere. ...read more.


The tunnels were sometimes very deep and could go on for miles. Source C is a good example for showing this. If the Americans happened to find out about this the Vietcong purposely built special booby to trap the enemy inside. This is another way how the Vietcong used their land to the fullest. In conclusion we can learn that the Vietcong certainly were certainly a better side to America, not because of weapons, power or technology but also because they had better tactics and used what they had and their environment to their usefulness, for example they knew that the Americans were simply too powerful for them in the open battle field so they sneaked up on Americans in areas such as jungle that the Americans weren't used to, as well as using 'booby traps' to slow down the Americans. The Vietcong were also clever in a sense that when the Americans were weak they would attack them. Finally the Vietcong dug special tunnels to protect themselves from bomb raids. All these clever and thoughtful methods allowed the Vietcong to overcome a superpower such as America. ...read more.

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