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Modern vs Victorian Values

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´╗┐Victorian vs. Modern If the choice between Victorian and Modern values and attitudes was bestowed upon me, I would have to choose Modern values and attitudes. Victorian attitudes and values are just too uptight, snobby and I don't want to be that type of person who is sure of themselves all the time. Modern attitudes and values are more laid back, relaxed if you will. Also, in Modern society, your class doesn't effect what job you will get. It is up to you. I prefer Modern society over Victorian society because you can do anything you want and be anything you want without your social class bringing you down. ...read more.


Victorian values and attitudes are very uptight. Everything has to be done a certain way. You didn't have the option to wear what you want to wear in public because of this obsession of what people think of you and the fact that you wanted to fit in with the body politic. There was no time to relax because of this. You couldn't be who you really are. You are almost forced to be like everyone else. In Modern society, you have options to do what you will. You dress how you want and be yourself. ...read more.


Your life is in your hands. You can tailor it how you want. The decision is completely up to you. Modern society offers a chance to the less fortunate. In conclusion, Modern society is a better place to live if you are of the lower class. It is more relaxed and laid back. You have options to go from rags to riches. Victorian society is controlling. Obsession with social status plays a large role in deciding whether you are the upper class or lower class. Your whole life is set in stone. There is only a slim chance that you can go from rags to riches but, it is too small. Overall, Modern society offers flexibility and freedom that a Victorian society cannot match. ...read more.

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