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Muslim women would benefit enormously from Western ideas of feminism.' Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have considered another point of view.

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Divinity Coursework Task 2 'Muslim women would benefit enormously from Western ideas of feminism.' Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have considered another point of view. Western feminists aim for completely equal rights for men and women. They want to liberate women from perceived oppressions from men. Their aims are to give women completely free choice in their decisions. Such examples are child-bearing. This is a good view to the extent that men and women were created equally and so they should be treated equally. However, their views would not work in an Islamic culture. The Qur'an does states that, "Women have the same (rights in relation to their husbands) ...read more.


In Islam, women are treated with the highest esteem. They are not seen as inferiors or as sexual objects. They are seen to be very important in life as they give birth. The Qur'an mentions how men and women cannot be separate. They both compliment each other and must work together. They are like the yin-yang. Each half needs each other in order to complete the circle. If they separate and are treated as exact equals, then they cannot compliment each other. Women convert to Islam for a number of reasons. Firstly, they may just convert due to personal, political, cultural or spiritual reasons. ...read more.


Women would be free to wear what they want. Arranged marriages could be abolished and love would be the main reason for marriage. However, others may find these reasons poor. If women could do what they want, then the sense of complementing each other would disappear. Sex before marriage would be abolished, lowering the number of abortions and single mothers. Arranged marriages could benefit the West as the partners would be from well-known families. In conclusion, the term 'enormously' is a bit exaggerated. Both cultures could benefit from each other. I feel that the West could benefit from Islam due to its moral views and the idea of men and women complementing each other. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danyal Shafqat ALHG Task 2 418 words ...read more.

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