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My Story as a Titanic Survivor

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My Story as a Titanic Survivor Hi I?m Peter a 66 year old man I am going to tell you about my journey on the titanic the night it sunk and the amount of madness there was on the ship. I was 10 years old at the time of the titanic sinking on that horrible day for all on board. I was traveling in 1st class with my sister and parents. We board on the April 10th 1912 form Southampton port. It was the RMS Titanic?s maiden voyage sailing form Southampton, England to New York City. The Titanic is one of the largest and most luxurious passenger liners at the time it set sail. The Titanic was also considered to be unsinkable by many people. Most important people had jumped at the opportunity to experience the luxurious passenger liner. People such as the designer Thomas Andrews and the company and ship owner Bruce Ismay. ...read more.


The first few days were uneventful. Captain Smith steadily increased the speed day by day. The ship covered 386 miles the first day, 519 miles on the second day and 546 miles on the third. It was reported to us that Smith would increase the millage day by day. Smith was that confident that cancelled the emergency drills and ignored the iceberg warning for the patch of water he was entering. We were told by the captain the night before that the next night we would not stop and travel through the night which was a rear thing to do as most ships didn?t. As the bell rang for everyone to come down and have their evening meal. The Titanic, although a floating palace, did not have advance warning systems that we have today. The Titanic had a back up system, the six lookout guards whose job it was to stand in the crows nest and keep a vigil look out for passing icebergs or other objects that may cause harm. ...read more.


The iceberg got closer and closer until the boat hit it. Then the unsinkable ship was doomed for its adventure to the bottom of the ocean if they did not close the water tight doors quickly. They had not done enough to save the ship form going under the water. The iceberg tore through the side of the ship, quickly flooding its compartments. Thomas Andrews predicted that the ship only had 2-3 hours before it vanish under the sea. The order was given by Captain Smith to evacuate the ship. The order was also given the women and children were first to go off the ship. But there was a enormous problem, there were not enough lifeboats on the Titanic which only had 20 on board, which only enough for 1178 of the 2220 passengers. Also nobody had been trained or knew what to do because the Captain decide that nobody needed training and had cancelled the drill s the day before it set sail. ...read more.

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