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My talk is about the Manchester United Plane Crash in 1958 and about the people who died on the plane.

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Introduction: My talk is about the Manchester United Plane Crash in 1958 and about the people who died on the plane. Before the Crash: In the early 50's, Manchester United built itself up under the watchful eye of Sir Matt Busby mainly through a successful youth training policy. The younger players in the squad easily made the tough change to senior football. When United won the Championship in the 1955/56 season, the average age of the squad was 22. Throughout that season, and the next, journalists were labelling United as invincible. In the 57/58 season, United became the first English Team to enter into the new European Cup. They easily dealt with Shamrock Rovers and Dukla Prague in the early rounds. All the players were in impressive form. United had just beaten Arsenal in a 5-3 classic in what turned out to be United's last domestic game before the crash. 65,000 watched that particular game at Highbury. ...read more.


As the plane hit the runway, just before it became airborne, it caught part of the airport's steel perimeter fence, which dragged it slightly off-course. The plain then veered off to the left, across a main road and head first into a detached house at 70mph. The right wing flew off and landed 250 metres away in a field. The spare fuel tank with gallons of petrol inside hit a stationery tanker which was being stored in a wooden shed. It then split in two and exploded. The Aftermath: An inferno of flames engulfed the plane, half of which was lying inside a crumpled house. Survivors moved quickly to free themselves and then help others escape. Out of the 43 passengers, 21 died that day including eight of the 'Busby Babes'. The survivors were all taken to the nearest hospital where another 2 passengers died from their injuries. The 8 United players that died were: 1. ...read more.


He scored 21 goals for United. He had vision, speed and was a fierce tackler. He won 18 caps and scored 5 for his country but his promising career was ended abruptly at 21 after just 4 years as a professional. He was seen by many as the perfect player. Conclusion: It was concluded that snow on the runway was to blame for the crash. United were offered free entry into next years European Cup but they refused, perhaps understandably. In their next game after the crash, United ran riot and beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-0. Ray Wood, a Munich survivor passed out 80 minutes into the game because of tiredness. All the United players suffered from tiredness after that game. 2 days later, Duncan Edwards died. United ended up finishing 9th in the league from a comfortable 1st. United had to wait until 1965 until they won the League Title again. Several years after the disaster, Manchester United wore black as an official home kit as a mark of respect for The Busby Babes. English Talk Busby Babes Plane Crash 27/04/07 Paul Dunn 10BT 10Y1 23:42 ...read more.

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