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National Socialists

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How do you account for increase in electoral support for the National Socialists between 1928 and 1932? The national socialists are basically the Nazi party which was led by Hitler. This party was known as the 'National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) and this party aimed to bring the old system of how Germany used to by destroying the Weimar Republic and cast revenge for Germany's Defeat. Between 1928 and 1932 the National Socialists German Workers Party (NSDAP) became one of the most popular parties in the Reich. It had won 2.6% of votes cast of votes cast in the Reichstag election of 1928 and just within two years later the Nazi Party support increased to a winning of 18.3% of the popular vote. ...read more.


The Nazis also won a large no. of votes from the Christians however most of the votes came from the Protestants than from the Catholics. The Nazi party were able to take their seats by making a pact that they will give freedom to their religion if they takeover Germany. This offer to them seemed trusting and something that the Christians wished due to many Germans disliked the Christian religions for so therefore a pact was made. Women in Germany were also likely to vote for the Nazi party due to the dislike of the left wing whom are the communists. It was also due to women had fewer existing political allegiances. ...read more.


Decreasing from 51% to a 45.7% however the party was still a strong party. In overall the Nazi did have certain failures such as getting full support or a large number of supports from the unemployed or from various rich people. Many rich people disliked the Nazi party but however they had the same views of getting rid of the Weimar Republic but they did not want a Nazi leader. Overall the Nazi party increase of support was very successful due to the amount of votes which rose from 1928 to 1932 from 4% to 51%. This shows that many people support the views of the Nazis. Looking how the Nazi parties get their support it shows why they were so successful. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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