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Nazi Control and Hitler's Foreign Policy

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Nazi Control and Hitler's Foreign Policy There are mainly three methods used by the Nazi's in keeping control and nazifying Germany, these were Education, Propaganda and terror. All three were used to control the German people and to keep them doing what the Nazi's wanted. The first of the three education, In my opinion is defiantly one of the more important as children are probably the most na�ve to political views, and will believe what they're told as they assume that what they are being taught is the truth. The Nazi's filled all the children's textbooks with questions that would get them thinking in a Nazi manner for example "A lunatic asylum cost six million marks, how many houses at twenty thousand marks each could have been bought instead" the question despite being a maths questions makes the children think how many houses could have been bought promoting the Nazi's views that lunatics should not be cared for as they were not part of the Aryan race. Education was used in all schools and so all the children would be taught it creating a very strong basis for the Nazi movement undermining what their parents thought, as most children would otherwise follow their parents political views, education was a great way to undermine this The whole idea of education was turned upside down and was used to shut children's minds instead of opening them. ...read more.


The Nazi's also burned and vandalised many buildings of opposing groups especially the Jews, which was also part of their terror tactics Overall I believe the Nazi's used all 3 in conjunction together, and that they would not have worked as well with only 2 or 1. I feel education may have a had a slightly larger effect on controlling the German people than propaganda or terror as they took control of millions of na�ve children however the other two are nearly, if not just as important as the adults also needed to be convinced which the propaganda and terror tactics worked well on. So overall Education, Propaganda and terror all worked in conjunction to project the Nazi ideas and ideology onto the German people What were the main aims of Hitler's foreign policy? Hitler had a very aggressive foreign policy and had a few major points which he tried to achieve. The first aim was to overturn the treaty of Versailles as he felt that it was very unfair and that Germany was cheated out of a lot of land that was rightfully there's. Another of Hitler's foreign policy aims was to re-arm. After the treaty of Versailles Germany had been stripped of its air force and most of its navy it also had its army ripped apart. ...read more.


Firstly he was a very aggressive leader and was not afraid to take risks which greatly benefited his foreign policy which needed someone who would take risks. Hitler's style of leadership also suited his foreign policy. Although I don't think his leadership was the key factor in the success of his foreign policy it did contribute The weakness of the League of Nations also contributed to the success of Hitler's foreign policy as it made it easier for Hitler's policies to work if the League of Nations had been stronger then maybe some of his actions would have been dealt with. However due to the weakness of the league it made it a lot easier for Hitler's policy to succeed Finally and in my opinion most important in my opinion to the success of Hitler's foreign policy was the policy of appeasement. The fact that Britain and France both followed this policy made it very easy for Hitler to get what he wanted without having to fight at all, which not only allowed him to gain territory but allowed him time. It also encouraged him to always take it one step further as He knew that neither Britain nor France would respond, so he just continued to go back on the treaty. This in my opinion was the most important of the three to the success of Hitler's foreign policy. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Windsor 10L 13.07.2009 ...read more.

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