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Nazi Germany Sources Questions

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S The picture shows us that Hitler was willing to get his hands dirty in an attempt to attract people into construction work. This was of course propaganda to abolish unemployment. In the photograph all his Generals, right hand men and other important figures can be seen in the picture as well as ordinary workers suggesting that this type of work is important. Building roads is a great way to get thousands of unemployed citizens off the unemployment register, as thousands of workers were required to build roads. Source 'C' shows us that between 1933-39 the Nazis invested on average 12% of their GDP on re-armament compared to just 7% invested by Britain over the same period. Every year Germany stepped up the amount of money it spent in rearmament except in 1937, that year there were no advances on how much they spent from the previous year, all this may have created more employment opportunities, reducing the number of unemployed. ...read more.


Sources E, F and G are useful for finding out how life was in Nazi Germany in the 1930's as there are three different points of views. Source E is the most useful as a German citizen talks about life in Germany. The man doesn't say anything positive about the Nazi regime and also talks about work. He says that he was earning good money and now he is having to work harder than before and wages keep dropping. He says he was working in his own trade and was at home suggesting that now he may be part of the army. He is unhappy at how Germany is being run and feels that somebody 'needs to say so'. Source F has the comments of an American writer exposing the truth about unemployment. This writer calls this ' invisible unemployment'. The writer tells us that 'the number of unemployment Jews was great and increasing', 'there has been wholesale discharge of women and of unmarried men under 25'. ...read more.


For me source E was the most useful as the information was from a primary source and also proved that Hitler managed to deceive politicians from other countries. Source D shows us that the Nazis encouraged women to be housewives, which meant that less people would require employment. In source E the unhappy man is saying his wages keep dropping, the money saved by the Nazis from wages could have been used to employ more people. The final source gives us the most information. I believe that 'invisible unemployment' was the main reason for the impressive graph in source A, the Nazis turned a blind eye on the problems of unemployment concerning a lot of people (Q4) and so they weren't counted as unemployed when the graph was published. I think that when the Nazis first took control this was part of their initiative. I think they implemented their initiative in the early 1930's because that's when unemployment fell sharply according to the graph. ...read more.

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