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Nazi Propoganda - the wandering Jew poster.

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´╗┐The Wandering Jew Dew Ewige Jude is translated as ?The Wandering Jew? He is depicted as an ugly and a communist person. This propaganda is portraying what all Jews are and stereotyping them. It was one of the frequent posters shown to portray the Jews and convince the Aryans they are bad people and worthless. It shows that Jews are ugly and so you shouldn?t go near them. Saying that he is sub-human. He is showing money as if a way to lure the Aryan children away and take them. So saying not too trust him, the Nazis are portraying him as a bad person. Also it could mean he steals money or is a beggar. ...read more.


The sign has something to do with the Russian Soviet Union. Germany don?t want to be a communist country while it shows that Jews want to be one. They are trying to say Jews are sub-human, they are ugly mean, horrible, lazy and a waste of space. Blaming them for all of Germany?s losses as if was a kind of scapegoat. Later on they also made a movie in 1940. ?Grosse politische schau in der nord west bahnhalle in wien? the message at the bottom of the poster is translated as ?Larger political look in the North Western railway hall in Vienna? What the poster was meant to be for Dew ewige Jude is also known as ?Eternal Jew? or the ?Wandering Jew? It was deprived as ...read more.


It was the largest pre-war anti-Semitic exhibit thus far produced by the Nazi's. The picture displays suppose attempts by Jews to make Germany communist. They did this by showing an 'eastern' Jew - wearing a kaftan, and holding gold coins in one hand and a whip in the other. Under his arm is a map of the world, with the imprint of the hammer and sickle. The exhibition attracted 412,300 visitors, over 5,000 per day. Overall the poster was meant to say that Jews were trying to make Germany a communist country. There were trying to persuade the Aryan people that Jews were just making problems worse. They were irrelevant to Germany and they were no use at all apart from taking Germany down the wrong way. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Germany 1918-1939 section.

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