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new deal

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History coursework: The new deal. (2) Explain why Roosevelt introduced the new deal. In my opinion Roosevelt introduced the new deal because he thought that this would be an ideal way for the depression to end. When Roosevelt was elected as American president, during that time the Americans suffered a huge Economic catastrophe, which resulted because of the Wall Street crash. When the American economy was in a catastrophe this lead to the American depression. The depression affected many issues, but one of the main issues the depression affected was that it had increased unemployment. It also leads to some banks going bankrupt. To tackle these issues Roosevelt introduced the New Deal. He introduced the new deal because he wanted to end the depression for all Americans. The new deal consisted of many different policies, for different issues. The policy Roosevelt introduced for banks going bankrupt was known as the Emergency Banking Act. He introduced this act because he wanted to make the banks more secure, which would therefore in the near future prevent banks from getting bankrupt again. ...read more.


The reason for why it was set up here was because this area had a lot of physical problems and also because Roosevelt wanted to help these people who were the worst affected by the depression. As in the wet season the Tennessee River would over flow, which would lead to a flood in that area. Therefore due to this occurring the government decided to build a series of dams on the Tennessee River. This provided electricity for under developed areas using hydroelectric schemes. This also created thousands of jobs in an area, which was badly hit by the depression. The creation of jobs was great news for these people because these people needed jobs so they would be able to put a meal out for their family. Also this feature of the new deal was also environmentally friendly because the T.V.A created electricity, using hydroelectric schemes. During the process of this scheme you create electricity using a renewable source of energy which is less damaging to the environment than the normal way of creating electricity. This is why I believe this idea of Roosevelt was clever because with this system America will be releasing less harmful gases to the environment and also they will be providing electricity to underdeveloped areas. ...read more.


This organisation was helped by one of Roosevelt's aims of getting American agriculture industry back on its feet. This is because this organisation was very behind technologically due to it not making much money. This is why when Roosevelt introduced this policy it gradually improved farmer's profits and therefore this enabled farmers to modernise their technology used in their farming. I.e. (using all resources efficiently to increase optimum output.) If we think about the consequences of Roosevelt not introducing the new deal we will then realise that America would not be in the same situation as it is now. This is because one of the main features of Roosevelt's reign is when he got the Tennessee Valley Authority built. If we imagine Roosevelt not introducing this organisation, we will then realise many Americans would not receive electricity now because this authority is still going strong now. If it were not for the new deal the T.V.A would not have been built. Therefore by introducing many policies Roosevelt has changed America and has made it into a better place to live because he has started to make America move in the right direction by introducing the new deal because it took them away from the depression. ...read more.

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