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New deal did it bring about the recovery of the American economy

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Did the new deal policies during the period 1933-41 in the USA bring about a recovery in the American economy? The New Deal Policies had aspects which made the recovery of the American economy a success. However there were aspects which made is a failure. One reason why the New Deal policies brought about the recovery of the American Economy was that it reduced unemployment and boosted American industry. Using a variety of Alphabet Agencies the New Deal enabled millions of unemployed people to find work which helped the community such as building schools and roads and planting trees. Another reason that made the recovery happen because of the New Deal was worker's rights and wages increased, the NRA in particular made sure that people were treated fairly and earned a decent wage for the work they had done. Also the New Deal brought about the recovery of the American Economy by showing the public that Roosevelt cared and by increasing morale in the public. Thousands of people sent the president letters describing what a good job he was doing. Also the New Deal provided relief for people, some of the Alphabet Agencies handed out food and clothes to do this. On the other hand the New Deal policies did not bring about the recovery of the American Economy because World War Two created far more jobs than the New Deal did. ...read more.


Another reason that made the New Deal a Success was that Roosevelt offered people relief and food. He managed this through some of the Alphabet Agencies such as FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration). FERA was an immediate relief for early 1933 until December 1935 it aimed to give the needy and their dependants the minimum standard of living and also to help maintain their physical well-being. Harry L. Hopkins, who headed FERA, was adamant that the relief the FERA provided should be work based and gave millions to states in order to start projects. FERA also provided food, clothes and shelter, helping in particular the homeless. The SSA replaces FERA in 1935. The SSA was a social insurance program consisting of benefits for retirement, disability, survivors, unemployment and for needy families. To qualify for the benefits people had to pay one lump sum at the beginning and then they would be given monthly cheques. Relief was also provided in the shape of other Alphabet Agencies which created Jobs. Jobs in themselves were a form of relief meaning that people didn't have to worry about how to feed their families or how they are going to pay for new clothes. The relief meant that people could get back on their feet and would have the encouragement to find a job and start supporting themselves and their families with out the government for assistance. ...read more.


Because of this one could think that the recovery of the American Economy had nothing to do with the New Deal. However there were reasons as to why it could be seen that the New Deal policies brought about the recovery of the American Economy. These are things such as Roosevelt showing he cared and improving morale using the fireside chats. Also it did actually reduce unemployment using some of the Alphabet Agencies. Because of the NRA, workers had more rights and better wages also child labour was banned. Roosevelt offered relief and food to people he did this through Alphabet Agencies such as FERA. This would lead people to believe that the New Deal Policies did bring about the recovery of the American Economy. The most significant reason in deciding whether or not it was the New Deal Policies that brought about the recovery of the American Economy would be whether or not it did benefit the economy in general. Since the New Deal did lower unemployment, it meant that more people were earning more money. More money would mean there was more spending around the country which would mean that there was more earning within retail, it would continue like that and as a result there was more money circulating the American Economy which means it was recovering. Taking this all into consideration you can conclude that the New Deal Policies did bring about the recovery of the American Economy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Melissa Brettle 11M 27th August 2009 ...read more.

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