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noets on how Britain was able to win the Battle of Britain

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why was Britain able to win battle of Britain Shortly after the fall of France, Germany would try and take over Britain, to do that they would have to bring down the RAF, in this essay i will be explaing what happend. Britain was able to win the war becuase of many things, for example, Britain had a observer core wich helped us spot enemy ...read more.


we had search lights wich spotted planes at night, the lack of the lufftwafe help us win if we had a plane go down if the man surived he coulod be back in a nother plane in the same day unlike the germans were it would take them months to get back up and running, the luftwafa came about to surport there ground troops. ...read more.


and no one was poor, the UK was capitilist and Russia was comunist and they both shared a peice of land and had to decide wether to make it capitlist or comunist, at one point of the cold war sovit tanks and US tanks actually met face to face in 1961 at check point charlie, ...read more.

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