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Northern Ireland troubles - source related work.

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Assignment 2 Q.1 Yes I feel when looking at all the sources there is a lot of evidence why the troubles broke out in Northern Ireland. The sources contain a lot of important information about what the troubles started over and give us an insight into the tension between Catholics and Protestants at this time. Source G shows us a drawing from a protestant textbook which says " English protestants stripped naked and turned into the mountains in the frost and snow, where of many hundreds are perished to death and many lying dead in ditches and savages upbraises (scolded) them saying, now are ye wild Irish as well as we" This is a biased drawn by a protestant writer and it is not an immediate cause of the troubles and is only sufficient to an extent. It is a long-term cause as it goes back to the roots of the conflict and shows us why Catholics and protestants were so deeply divided in Ireland. ...read more.


It was one of the main factors of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association. The N.I.C.R.A was formed in Ireland to combat discrimination and to aim for equality for nationalists/Catholics. They were a peaceful movement based on black civil rights movement in the U.S.A, which was led by Martin Luther King. Many of the civil rights marches were banned by unionists even thought they were completely peaceful protests. Source H shows us RUC officers attacking a civil rights marcher on 5 October1968. This source shows us in a peaceful protest the RUC officers were brutal when they attacked the marchers. The attacks on the numbers were occurring a lot and these meant tensions grew between Protestants and Catholics. This is a primary source and was a short-term cause of the troubles, which broke out in 1969. These civil rights marches were shown all over Ireland and it showed the brutality and forces the RUC men showed towards peaceful protestors. These Civil Rights marches led up to what was the Battle of the Bogside. The apprentice boys marched on the Walls of Derry above the Bogside. ...read more.


He later resigned when the Catholic and Presbyterian Church blocked his plans due to the massive protests. Which showed the difference between Catholics and Protestants and how divided they were. Source I shows us crowd violence as Loyalists ambush civil rights marchers at Burntollet in January 1969. This source shows the violence between Catholics and Protestants at this time. There was deep discrimination against Catholics by the RUC. Even at the high levels, discrimination against Catholics was a feature of the Northern state. The civil service was dominated by unionists/Protestants and the R.U.C and B specials that were almost exclusively Protestant makeup. The state leaders openly preached a gospel of discrimination, in both public and private sectors. All these sources explain to an extent why there troubles broke out in Ireland in 1969. These sources show us the tension that there was between Catholics and Protestants at this point; there was also a lot of discrimination towards Catholics. Many things, which happened leading up to the troubles, are shown in the sources but they are not the exact cause of the troubles breaking out in Ireland. By: Chris Mc Curry 12.A ...read more.

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