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Not All American Experienced The Boom

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Not All American Experienced The Boom. Discuss The 1920's was an age of wealth for America and its citizens. On the surface Americans experienced the Boom but did they all experience the boom from the inside. The following Americans experienced the Boom for example; Big and small investors; entrepreneurs; shareholder; women; movie stars; movie directors; immigrants for example flapper, the Irish, the rich English. However, others did not experience the Boom For example The reality showed a different picture to farmers; black; other immigrants; shareholders; workers etc. In this essay I hope to discuss about not all Americans in The United States of America experience the Boom, people whom were affected and weren't affected. People like big and small investors; entrepreneur; shareholders; women; workers; movies stars; movie directors; immigrants improved their lifestyles in many ways for example financially, big and small investors can now invest even more money in companies, immigrants from different countries and can be able to send their children to school or to be able to afford a cheap car, movie directors are now able to produce a movie which they have been waiting to produce. ...read more.


really the World War 1 had a boom affect on farming business, the farmer had to hire more to have more to sell to the American government and so as soon as the World War 1 had ended the demand was less but the supply was high, so then this made the prices fall. Also tariffs were placed on products which were from aboard such as the Mercedes-Benz from Germany had a tariff which was a lot more than the Ford cars had on them which is an American car company. In 1929 the immigration poles to America had decreased because of the few jobs throughout America, the poverty throughout America had decreased because in the 1920's was a period of wealth. The immigration such as the Italians, Irish etc. had been discriminated throughout America because of their colour, style and their religion. Because these immigrants didn't get jobs they had made a mafia, boozing making drugs and also selling the drugs, the main reason the immigrants decided to booze and sell alcohol, and at that time alcohol was illegal in America, so the demand was high but the supply was low. ...read more.


Workers were getting fired there was a lot of communism. Strikes had broken out with force, there were less wages for those whom had their jobs. People then started to use his phrase "American's business id business". Really what is happening is that on paragraph 4 is that which is happening to workers too. In my opinion not all Americans had experienced the boom for example farmers, immigrants, black people, poor factory workers and etc. During the time of 1920's on the surface people like, shareholders, women, and movie stars etc. had experienced the boom but did they all experience the boom from the inside. All I know is that people whom couldn't afford to lose money and waste it like immigrants, black people did not experience the boom. The taxation for example was lowered in the 1920's to 25% this made every Americans live easier and also encouraged the boom from happening. The rich, powerful were the people before the boom, When the boom occurred bank loans had to be paid back which made most Americans broke, and homeless. This is where Hoover came in, he had ended this great depression on the 1920's. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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