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Notes on Vietnam and Europe up to 1954

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Vietnam to 1954 After Dien Bien Phu the colonial power (FR0) pulls out of Indochina * USA fears that the whole of Asia would fall to conference 1954 Geneva Conference * ceasefire * French withdrawal * Division of Vietnam at the 17th Parallel until elections o USA hinder these elections * The Vietminh establish a communist regime in the North * The South establishes an authoritarian government with USA backing The USA was becoming increasingly drawn into Asia to prevent communist gains German Re-Armament NATO strengthened W. ...read more.


German Germany goes from enemy to ally European Defence Community A separate European army France allows for West German re-armament Treaty ensured that West German units would be strictly limited Western European Union Largely an extension of the 1947 Anglo French alliance Extended to Belgium, Holland & Luxemburg These five countries could work for their defence without the help of America 1948 Brussels Treaty 1954 it is decided to be called WEU * W. ...read more.


neutral Germany * Dismantle NATO and Warsaw Pact and create a new collective security counsel o Highlights a marked a improvement in relations Camp David 1959 The first USA USSR summit The end of Eisenhower's presidency * Hopes to relax tension and improve relations Agreements that there will be a summit meeting and that issues will be sorted out peacefully However on big issues they diagreeded The Cold War in the 1950's 17/9/07 14:30 17/9/07 14:30 17/9/07 14:30 ...read more.

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