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Nuclear power - Does the risks outweigh the benefits?

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NUCLEAR POWER Nuclear power does the risks outweigh the benefits? In this essay I will be looking at both sides of the argument. A power plant accident could cost thousands of deaths instantly and who knows how many could suffer from cancers and radiation poisoning. This has already happened in Chernobyl. Will it happen again? However I can understand that nuclear power is a clean and reliable source of energy. There have been airplane crashes but people still fly from one destination to another. One of many problems we have with nuclear power is where will we store the waste when storage facilities are filled? Obviously we can put the waste into the seas and oceans. Why not? It has been happening for over fifty years so why stop now. As you have heard nuclear waste is an accident waiting to happen but this is not totally true. ...read more.


Nuclear power puts children and a lot of other people at risk. Nuclear weapons are viewed as one of the main risks BUT not the only one. E.g. of one of these many risks would be if nuclear waste is being transported through the area in which you live. The possibility of an accident is always there. The waste may be able to be cleaned but if your child was out playing the damage may be permanent. Many would view this as a significant risks although risks are taken constantly in every day life. Does these risks prevent you from getting out of bed in the mornings or getting into a car. If you took life from this perspective you would not step outside your front door in case of what if... Nuclear testing can cause contamination of our water supplies in the ground. Do we know the effects of nuclear testing? Government officials don't want the public to know the full extent of nuclear testing. ...read more.


To outline the full extent of nuclear power I would like to inform the reader of a recent investigation carried by a group named COMARE on a Scottish nuclear power plant. COMARE found that the power plant was responsible for an excess number of cases of leukemia. Nuclear power receives a lot of negative publicity from the media and I would not believe everything the media say happens. Although radiation occurs naturally man made radiation poses the real threat. I would like to finish off my piece on nuclear power by making one final point: The alternative to nuclear power is fossil fuels which are a lot more dangerous to the environment and which will rip the ozone layer further open potentially meaning the end of the world. I believe nuclear should be used until an alternative power source is found. My view of nuclear power has completely changed. I now believe that the use of nuclear power plants be stepped up and we should use this clean and reliable energy source more instead of trying to find ways to bring it down. ...read more.

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