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On the run.

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Original writing On the run On a reconnaissance flight over Eastern Europe, naval rookie pilot Chris Burnett and his partner, Stackhouse, thought it was a good idea to go off course and take pictures of the scenery. This was the worst decision made by these two young marines because they entered forbidden territory. They discovered a secret Serbian army site in Bosnia and took pictures because they thought they would be heroes if they took the photos back to base. It wasn't to be as soon as they knew it their jet was under fire they had been spotted by the Serbs their craft was shot down within two minutes. They ejected from the exploding plane and soon found themselves on ground level in terrain they hadn't trained to be in and they were separated Burnett went looking for his partner but he had broken his leg and radio on landing so there was no way of communication between the two. They knew they were going to have company soon so they had to hurry and find each other but being a rookie Stackhouse was screaming for help. ...read more.


The lead to the leaders in dispute about if they should go to save their boy and bring him back. Whilst this was going on a sniper had spotted Burnett on top of the mountain resting against a tree treating a wound he received whilst ejecting form the jet. A shot was fired just wide of its target the bullet had skimmed past Burnett's cheek and blew a chunk out of the tree, Burnett had quick enough reactions to take cover and avoid the second shot. He ran through about acres and acres of land until he saw a source of food, there was a rabbit in the distance with a very good shot Burnett wounded the animal time was against him so he hurried towards the rabbit and put it in his backpack for later. The Serbian troops were gaining ground by the second. After an hour of running Burnett finally reached a small village but it had Serbs patrolling the streets. Burnett found the body of a Bosnian Muslim in a bush on the border of the village he had an idea but it meant he would have to jeopardise half of the context in his bag, but there was no other way in. ...read more.


They started their quest they ambushed all the guards one by one and had total control of the village all the Bosnians gathered in the streets they were told the operation. They knew the Serbs weren't far behind so they got into Serbian trucks and drove back to the crash site. On the way they were ambushed by a squad of Serbs this resulted in a massive loss of nearly half of the Bosnian force. Now they had no chance of defeating the Serbs and retrieving the photos, but this didn't stop the hopeful Bosnians lead by a great leader, Enis. They had nothing to loose and they wanted revenge. Two hours later they had arrived at the site. After a last inspiration speech the blood shed began bodies were dropping, blood was getting splattered. The Serbs out numbered the Bosnians three to one. Burnett knew all hope was lost but in the distance he saw American choppers, tanks and troops. The Serbs were defeated by the combined force of the Americans and Bosnians. The Bosnians had full control of their country again. Burnett was reunited with his wife and kids, now he is fighting for his country in Iraq. Asim Iqbal 10CR ...read more.

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