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On Tuesday 5th May we visited Dundrum Castle to investigate if Dundrum Castle is a complete Norman Castle.

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Coursework Q1. How far is Dundrum a Norman Castle? (18 marks) On Tuesday 5th May we visited Dundrum Castle to investigate if Dundrum Castle is a complete Norman Castle. The fact that the site on Dundrum Castle is one of a typical Motte and Bailey helps suggest that Dundrum Castle is a complete Norman Castle. The Keep On arrival the first feature that caught my attention was the circular keep located in the upper ward. The circular shape of the keep in Dundrum is not usual in Ireland as there are similar keeps found in place s such as, Nenagh in Tipperary and also in Pembroke in Wales. On a closer look I could start to identify some the of the Norman features that the circular keep has. ...read more.


In the Archaeological Survey (source1) it suggest that the keep was built by king John between 1203 and 1227. Also in the Ancient Monuments it states that the king had it built. The Curtain Wall The curtain wall height is 25 feet and its thickness is 4 feet. The Archaeological Survey suggest that the curtain wall of the inner was built by John De Courcy between 1177 and 1203. The Guide Card it confirmed that the curtain wall of the outer was added some time during the 13th Century. As it is much thinner which helps you to tell that to was not designed to have a defence function. As I looked at the curtain wall I notices holes at the top of it and grassy area around certain parts of the wall. ...read more.


There probably would have been a central passage way in between the two towers with at the least one portcullis. The two towers on either side of gatehouse are two different shaped fronts (for example on has a square and the other has a semi circular front). The different shape fronts to the two towers is probably due to the fact that it is built on a slope. You can see the ruins of the two guard rooms from both towers which are then linked onto the wall walk of the curtain wall. The Archaeological Survey supports the fact that it is a Norman feature as it suggest that the original entrance to the inner bailey was a straightforward archway in the curtain wall and also that the existing gatehouse was built afterwards, in 1260. Also this dating is supported by The Ancient Monuments. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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