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Oskar Schindler

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Pragnesh Patel Mr. Quan Oskar Schindler Even after half a century, the word "holocaust" solemnly reminds us of chaos, death, destruction, tragedy and humiliation. This great genocide was the cause for the mass murder of over six million Jews, during World War II, by the Nazi government. All the Jews living in Germany were captured and herded into the ghettos. They were deprived of their human rights. Their property was taken away by complacent Nazis, and Jews were forced to live in inhumane conditions in crowded ghettos. Their valuable skills were exploited as all were forced into unpaid labor. Eventually, most of the Jews were moved to the death camps, where they were separated from their family members and treated like wild animals. After being humiliated and insulted, they were sent into gas chambers in small groups. The dead bodies were brutally searched for any valuable and disposed off by burning. The movie, "Schindler's list", shows the humiliation and troubles that all Jews passed through. The feeling that Jews held when they had to face these problems are shown clearly in the movie. ...read more.


He started living a life of luxury and developed strong relations with other members of the Nazi party eventually earning legal support for his business. The greed of earning money overpowered him and drove him into the world of illegal trade. While enjoying his life in luxury, he realized how the Jews were suffering. Many important events impacted his life, without which he would never have chosen to take any action. He witnessed Jews being taken to death camps and was horrified by the way they were treated. Many were shot dead by ruthless German soldiers just to show their superiority. This scene of horror changed Schindler's life forever. It gave birth to the feeling of guilt as he was a Nazi supporter. Schindler decided to help Jews in every way he could. He expressed his feelings saying "I'm now resolved to do everything in my power to defeat the system". Schindler's decision greatly impacted many lives and made a significant difference in history. Schindler made millions of dollars through the Jewish workforce and he felt like he owned every single worker in his factory. ...read more.


He served as an example of his victory over the Nazi government. Unlike death camps, no one was killed, insulted or punished in his factory. He also treated Jews with respect by providing them with tea, breakfast or dinner. This made him highly significant in world history. Today he is not only honored by the Jewish community, but by everyone around the globe. Oskar Schindler proved that a person could achieve anything he/she wants if they make a decision and work hard for it. Oskar gave out everything he had for the people who weren't even related to him and this showed a great compassion in him. He thought that he owned the workers in his factory, but now not only the Jews, but many other people owe him, something that they can never repay. Oskar Schindler would have made to the sixth step of Kohl berg's theory, if he had lived his whole life like this, but he still obtains as same place as other people, who lived their whole life for others. If a self-fish and greedy person could change and become savior of 1100 people, then a normal person can at least do something significant for single person. ...read more.

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