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Outline Main Religion Changes During The Reigns

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Outline Main Religion Changes During The Reigns of Henry VIII and his Children During the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth, there were major changes in religion. During the reign of Henry VIII, he made lots of changes in religion. He created a new church called; 'PROTESTANT' and changed the country from being Catholic to being Protestant. When Edward VI came to the throne he made Protestants convert into extreme Protestants called; 'PURITANS'. After Edward VI died Mary I came to the throne. Mary I was a Catholic, so she converted the whole country back to being Catholic. After doing this, she then started killing all the Protestants remaining in the country. As soon as Mary I died, Elizabeth came to the throne. After becoming queen, Elizabeth converted the country back to being Protestants, but instead of killing the remainder Catholics in the country she chose to keep them on side by keeping moderate Protestants and rejecting serious Protestants (puritans). The changes began during the reign of Henry VIII, when he created his own church called; 'PROTESTANT'. ...read more.


In a Puritan church there would often be no music and it had very plain chapels and clergy. The service was in English, the same as it would be in a Protestant church. There were lots of rebellions. There was a rebellion in Cornwall in 1549, but the protector of Somerset sent soldiers to have them put down and to hang the leaders. There was also another rebellion un 1549, but this time in Norfolk about farming. Once more troops were sent to to have it put down and hang the leaders. There were also rich, ambitious nobles who tried to take over the throne. The pope was angrier as Edward VI and his protectors sold more land of the monestries. After Edward VI's death, his sister, Mary I Tudor became queen. Mary I changed things because she was a Catholic and she hated her father, Henry VIII because he divorced her mother and abandoned her and her mother. Mary I also brought many religious changes, she converted the country back to Catholic from being Protestants. Mary I also got the pope back on her side and started to kill more and more Protestants everyday. ...read more.


More and more Catholics started to hate the pope because the pope was the one who got Catholic countries like Spain to invade England and overthrow the Queen (Elizabeth). This made the Catholics look like traitors because Elizabeth was try to get the Catholics and Protestants together and the Pope is invading England and trying to get rid of Elizabeth, which mean the Catholics are going to have a hard time because Protestants will blame Catholics for the Pope's actions against Protestants. Parliament made it reason for the Catholics to convert English people to the Catholic faith. Many priests who did were tortured and then executed. The enormous religious changes that took place during the reign of Henry VIII and his children are something called; ' A RELIGIOUS ROLLERCOASTER' because of the way the fortunes changed dramatically for the Catholics and Protestants. Elizabeth had the best religious policy because she brought the Catholics and Protestants together. It was her father, Henry VIII's fault that the Tudor family ended with Elizabeth because Henry VIII was the one who created a big mess when he wanted a son and to do so he created a new religion, which caused all sorts of problems. Elizabeth was the one who solved all the problems by having no children and by ending the Tudor name. ...read more.

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