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Paper Bird and Gilbert's Ghost Train.

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Paper Bird and Gilbert's Ghost Train The two novels I'm comparing are Paper bird and Gilbert's ghost train. Paper bird is the portrayal of a struggle of a boy, Adam, through amid poverty and violence to keep some semblance of normality and love in the life of his family. Gilbert's Ghost Train is about Martin and his dying brother, Dally, having to face up to the facts of life and death and learns to accept it with the help of the mysterious Gilbert Cutler. As a first impression, it appears as if these two novels don't have similar themes but as you learn more it turns out that they do. Struggle is the theme of the stories; Adam physically struggles to support his family while Martin emotionally struggles to accept the facts of life and death. ...read more.


During Adam's stay with his colleagues, Adam's relationship with them became stronger that "They became his brothers". He also then addressed Old Hansie as Grandpa. In Gilbert's Ghost Train, Gilbert is the person who eased Martin of his dying brother, Dally. Gilbert brings Martin as well as Dally a mysterious gift that they greatly appreciate. This gift is not physically, to Martin Gilbert brought with him an appreciation that Dally is going to a better place. Gilbert also reminds Martin to think about the good times that he was with Dally rather than his death - "When I'm up in the cabin of the old steam engine I can think of Dally in many ways. When I stand in the cemetery I only feel grief that is gone" Adam and Martin are quite similar characters. ...read more.


Gilbert Cutler's importance and what he represents is already mentioned but the paper bird has yet to be. The paper bird is basically a sheet from a newspaper that just goes fling around by the wind. It represents something else through Adam's eyes. To Adam, it reminds him that even when everything seems bad there are a lot of good too that eventually will come if you wait long enough, which is like witnessing a paper bird fly just as long as you work at newspaper selling long enough until that event does happen. The way each book is written is different from one another. The books are written by different authors. Paper bird was written by Maretha Maartens and Gilber's Ghost Train was written by David Metzenthen. Gilbert's Ghost Train was written in first-person view of Martin but what as strange about Paper Bird is that it was written as third-person view but felt like a first-person view of Adam, therefore making it feel awkward. ...read more.

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