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Persecution and Prejudice

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Persecution and Prejudice By the end of the Second World War 6 million Jews had been murdered. It was a cruel genocide systematically carried out by the Nazi party ruled by Adolf Hitler. British troops were stunned by their findings in the Auschwitz death camp, every detail was filed and organised giving the world the chance to see what had been going on without any need to investigate. How and why had this holocaust been able to commence without any interference or help from outside countries? During the 1920's Germany was struggling, they were in a major depression, leaving many families jobless and in serious trouble. They needed a scapegoat and they needed one quickly. Jews have been on the end of prejudice throughout history and this time was no different, however things were carried out with extreme measures and precision. In 1933 Adolf Hitler came to power, his hatred towards the Jews was then put into practice with his propaganda and new laws. Hitler was very opinionated with racist views towards the Jews, these opinions caught eyes and people began to listen, he used this to his advantage until he had a following that backed him all the way to when he came to power. ...read more.


Over one million Jews were crammed into the small apartment like buildings with no running water or electricity. They were limited to food which was almost impossible to buy, some families sent there children beneath the walls into the German streets to collect food from the outside of the Ghettos. Some were never seen again, and some came back to a dead family member or whole family through to starvation or disease. Theses ghettos were separated from the rest of society and were isolated giving the German Citizens no idea of what was happening, and if some did they had no idea of the true extent of how the Jews were being treated. This all then lead to the run up of the "Final Solution". In January 1942 the Wannsee conference took place and lasted for just 90 minutes, this conference marked the point where the holocaust became official government policy. The Nazis used phrases that were very unsuspecting to anybody that saw them such as "The Final Solution". Jews that weren't fit enough to work for Germany such as the old, sick and very young were sent for "Special Treatment" and "resettlement". ...read more.


The Holocaust in Germany occurred through manipulation, propaganda, and a very clever group. The Nazi party were very organised and extremely racist, however its nothing that hasn't happened before, racism and mass murders have been going on throughout history, a well known one is the Genocide in Rwanda. This genocide happened in 1994 and shows how recent these opinions have been going on. No matter what there will be people, groups, and organisations with racist opinions such as today's BNP party, and the KKK in America. However I do think that Genocides will not happen on the scale as the German Holocaust did. I believe this because of the organisations such as the UN, and countries like America and the UK with great measures in place to help countries and certain groups of people out in great danger or crisis's. Today's technology has advanced since back then and would give a much better way of communicating to outside countries for help and let people understand and know what is going on and happening. So all in all I believe that people views will remain throughout the rest of history but i do not believe that Genocide on such a scale will occur again. ...read more.

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