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President John F Kennedy - source related study.

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President John F Kennedy G.C.S.E History Coursework 1) In order to determine why President John F Kennedy is such a famous and controversial figure in history I must look at evidence from many different formats. I must use text books, video evidence and the internet. In using the internet I must decipher actual factual evidence from fabrication. John F Kennedy was the youngest man to ever hold the office of the President of the United States. He was also the first Roman Catholic to hold this office, these two factors along meant that Kennedy was famous and would go down in history. Kennedy had become a new breed of President, gone was the traditional conservative man in his 60's, who hated the media and worked behind closed doors. Kennedy looked well, he spoke well and he knew how to use the media to his advantage. In 1960 before Kennedy was elected to office, he won the first ever television election against Richard Nixon, Kennedy proved during this that he was a lot more comfortable in front of the cameras than his opponent. Kennedy used television to make himself popular with the American public, this meant that he was loved by the people, which is one of the reasons he is so famous. ...read more.


Source A contains no real information on JFK's actions or abilities. Source A pre-dates Kennedy's election. Source A is a "Democratic Party poster during the 1960 Presidential Election campaign", it is designed by Kennedy's party, it has no facts only opinion, such as "He's the one to bring the good days back". Therefore this source is not reliable, it is not well researched it is only a slogan, it is propaganda. As Source A is a campaign poster it has little to no useful content. However it does suggest that Kennedy's qualities were there, the people loved Kennedy while he was still alive. The Source came from Kennedy's party, so therefore in terms of provenance the source has little use, however it does tell us how the democratics ran their campaign. The source only contains the views of the Democratic Party and not those of the American people. Overall the source does not tell us anything about Kennedy's actions or abilities. Source D is an extract from a book called "A Short History of the American Nation" written by Garraghty and McCaughey in 1989. The source tells us about Kennedy's inability to "bend(ing) Congress to his will" It then gives the names of other Presidents, such as "Roosevelt" who were able to bend congress to their will. ...read more.


Also the audience for the speech was black Americans, so the language in the speech would most likely be provocative and inflammatory in order to try and persuade more black Americans to his cause. Source J is written by Richard Pearle, Peale was a Republican, the opposition of Kennedy's Democrat party. Pearle says that Kennedy lacks experience and describes his foreign policy as clumsy. Both these points would certainly suggest that Kennedy was not a great President, would seem to agree with the previous source. However the source may not be reliable as Pearle is a republican. It would be hard for Pearle to give a neutral view Kennedy as he would be trying to undermine him and gain support for his party. Also Pearle would have served Nixon if he had won the election, so there may still be some bitterness over Kennedy's victory. Source P is an extract from a book written by Seymour Hersh called "The Dark side of Camelot". When the book was published it demolished Kennedy's reputation. The book says "far from being the leader of constant work and constant action, Kennedy increasing devoted his working hours to sex". This source seems to suggest the Kennedy was not a particularly good president. It suggests that while the President should have been working he was indulging in other things. This agrees with several of the previous sources that Kennedy was not a good president ...read more.

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