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President Kennedy

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President Kennedy in preparation for the 1964 election, in November 1963 took a trip to the South. His last two stops where in Houston and Dallas. Mrs Kennedy looked stunning in her fashionable pink suit and pink pill boy hat. The president and his wife where looking forward to getting back to Washington and preparing for thanksgiving the following Thursday. In Dallas the crowds were cheering, there was a great scene of rejoicing as the president of the United States made his way through down town Dallas. No one knew it was going to be a day to remember! There are a lot of conspiracies about the assassination of John Kennedy I'm going to explain some and show how they link to the murder of JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of assassinating president John .F. Kennedy on 22nd November 1963. When the police asked Lee Harvey Oswald "Did you shoot the president" Lee replied, "I didn't shoot anybody I'm just a patsy." A reason to believe Lee Harvey killed the president was that he was a communist and had a good motive to kill president Kennedy. ...read more.


The Sixth Floor, on the floor Oswald is said to have used, has been made into a memorial to President John F. Kennedy. The assassination took place at 12:30pm. Arnold saw Lee Oswald in the third floor at 12:25pm. The first shots were at 12:30pm. Marrion Baker was a police officer that found Oswald drinking a coke in the rest room of the building. Oswald had not been on the sixth floor of the building. Here are suggestions to say that Oswald was not on the sixth floor. You could not run down four flights of stairs between 42 and 60 seconds. Another reason is that the assassination took place at 12:30pm at the time a patrolman saw him. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy remains an American icon of high style and grace. She was 24 when she married Senator John F. Kennedy in 1953. Kennedy was elected president in 1960 and "Jackie" became a popular First Lady, known for her elegant sophistication and her historical interest in the White House. She was made a widow when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. This is how the interview went to Kennedy's assassination. Mr. RANKIN. Do you have any recollection of whether there were one or more shots? Mrs. KENNEDY. ...read more.


Both wives lost children while living in the Whitehouse. Both presidents were shot on Friday Both presidents were shot in the head Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln. In conclusion I think Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president because shots where fired from more than one location. If he did shoot the president then he was working for a group who were against Kennedy like the Mafia. Also I think Lee Harvey Oswald was accused for killing the president with little proof because the Warren Commission needed the people to think that everything was under control. I think Jack Ruby killed Lee Oswald because he had something to hide and didn't want Kennedy to spill the beans. Jack Ruby said he was angry about what Oswald had done so he killed him. I think Jacqueline Kennedy might have had something to with the assassination to get revenge for her husband sleeping with Marilyn Monroe. I do not believe in the single bullet theory because more than one shot was fired and with the gun Oswald had it was impossible to hit the president like that with one bullet. 1 ...read more.

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