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prohibition course work section C

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Prohibition Coursework Section C I think source E is more reliable than source F, it was written by John D Rockefeller, he writes how he hoped it would work and he believed it would. In the source Rockefeller writes "I hoped it would be widely supported by public opinion". Also the source was written after prohibition so Rockefeller knows what has happened and he admits it was a failure although he believed and hoped it would be enforced and would work. Rockefeller also realises that prohibition was a failure, shown by when it says "reluctantly come to believe that this has not been the case" talking about prohibition in this statement. ...read more.


This is shown once more where it says "respect for the law has been greatly lessened" which proves the point even more. This source has a mixed opinion on prohibition. He thinks it should have worked but it didn't and then he realises why it didn't and what the consequences were. But on the other hand source F has hardly any reasons why prohibition wouldn't work. The author is obviously for prohibition, I think this because of many reasons. Firstly because this source was written before prohibition so the author wouldn't know what prohibition was like and he wasn't aware of the ciaos and violence that it would cause. ...read more.


views, even though the police had none, for example, the police couldn't actually stop people drinking because it wasn't illegal to drink which seems quite stupid, which says "the law says that liquor must not be manufactured. We shall see that it is not. Nor sold, nor given away" this is a powerful statement but it doesn't say it is illegal to drink alcohol, only to sell, make, and give away. To conclude I think that source E is more reliable, because it understands that prohibition did fail and can look back on prohibition using hindsight whereas source F is very hopeful and doesn't actually state why prohibition has or will work, it just says they will enforce it. ...read more.

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