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Prohibition coursework 3

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Mustafa Ali History coursework- 2c Study sources E + F. Which of These Two Sources is the More Reliable As Evidence About Prohibition? Source E and F are both personal accounts. Source E is a letter written by John D. Rockefeller and Source F is a speech which was held by the first Prohibition agent named John F. Kramer. Source E, which is a letter written by the industrialist, John D. Rockefeller, talks about the causes of Prohibition, was written 1 year before Prohibition was stopped. It talks about how one day he hopes that the evil's of Prohibition would prevail. Instead he goes on to talk about the fact that drinking has generally increased. ...read more.


This point may lead us to believe that this letter is bias because it is opinionated. It affects the reliability of the source. Source F is a speech by the first Prohibition commissioner, John F. Kramer. It is a primary source because it is taken before Prohibition came into place. In this source, Kramer talks about what the commissioners hope to achieve, how it 'will' be obeyed and that it will be 'enforced' if it is not obeyed. The source is more opinion and hope and not fact so it cannot be that reliable. Under the source, it states his name, the date and his rank. ...read more.


In conclusion, I believe that both of the sources give us an idea of prohibition, but, I believe that the one which is more reliable of the two, is Source E.I believe this because Rockefeller had more experience of Prohibition than Kramer did. This is because his speech was given before Prohibition came into place. I believe that, Rockefeller had more of a chance to put things into perspective and think of why Prohibition was a bad idea, rather than what Kramer did and give a speech addressing the main points of Prohibition and I also believe was that his speech was biased because they wanted it to be a success, so they may've done anything in their power to make people agree with their terms. ...read more.

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