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Prohibition coursework 4

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Mustafa Ali History coursework- 2d Study sources G + H. Do These Two Sources Prove That Prohibition was Successful? Sources G and H are both tables. They represent the number of stills seized, (which was a piece of equipment used to make alcohol) the number of gallons of spirits seized, etc. In source G, it has a table of the number of stills seized and the number of gallons of spirits seized. There also are dates, which represent the year in which the amount of stills and the other stuff was seized. In 1921, during the first year of prohibition, there were 9,746 illegal still seized and 414,000 gallons of spirits seized by the Federal Government agents. ...read more.


This also an example of the criminal activity taking place due to the introduction of Prohibition. This source shows us that while the Prohibition agents may be doing their jobs, there is also illegal and criminal activity taking place. In source H, it has a table of the drunk, drunk and disorderly, drunk drivers and the total. In 1920 the number of drunken people was 14,313. This number increased to 45,226 in 3 years and in 2 more years it later increased to 51,361. This is an increase of 300 % in 5 years. (Increase of about 60% a year.) In 1920, the number of drunk and disorderly conduct was 6,097. ...read more.


In conclusion, I believe that these two sources do show that Prohibition was successful but to a certain extent. I believe that they portray the image that there was criminal activity going on. In source H, I think that the numbers are as high as they are because it was just a county, not the whole of America. I believe this because the police would've had more serious things to deal with. I also think that these figures aren't really accurate. In Prohibition, there was a great amount of corruption so the figures won't be that accurate. So I therefore believe that Prohibition wasn't successful because if it was successful then there wouldn't have to be figures as high as these in sources G and H. ...read more.

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