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Promises Promises......

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Promises Promises...... Promises. They play an integral part in everybody's life. From the simple I.O.U. to treaties between nations-, everything relies on one's word and promise. Promises have become a fundamental part of a politician's arsenal to gain popularity and win votes. Many have long promised a chicken in every pot, but sadly, most pots are empty. Businesspeople love to seal deals with a handshake, another form of an agreement, another promise. Most promises are made simply to gain an advantage and are to be broken later at a more 'convenient' time. Just look at Hitler and World War II. Nonetheless, there are strong pressures on politicians to make promises that they cannot keep. A party that does not make exaggerated promises will appear bland, unambitious, and uninteresting to voters compared to the one that does. ...read more.


The public expect that politicians should adhere to much higher standards than ordinary people. Citizens believe, nevertheless, that most political promises are like a salesman's patter - pious words not to be taken at face value. A Bulletin poll taken in April found that only 7% of Australians believed politicians were honest and ethical. John Howard, during the recent federal election promised an injection of funds into health that should have been made during his first term of Government, however then his position was not questioned and he didn't need to make grand promises. He has had eight years to show whether he really cares about a strong health system, or rather, cares about the health of his electoral chances. ...read more.


There is a degree of leiniency dealing with promises, people these days are accustomed that some promises made to them will not be fulfilled. Politicians need to make exaggerated promises to be elected and it is the voter's job to analyse which candidate is more confident, honest and has made the smarter but less far-fetched promises than his opposition. One must also be smart and think about the situation when accepting promises and not be misled. Promises are the way of life in many institutions; for example a bank with the lending and borrowing of money. A guarantee is a promise. The simple cheque is a promise. Money is a promise. The world would not be able to survive without promises of some kind. (The effect of promises in society, the consequences of promises, the history of promises and the current use of promises.) ...read more.

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