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question one vietnam

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Nathan c Q1 America was very confident about going into war with Vietnam. America knew that the Vietcong's army was no match to the modern machinery America used in other wars, unfortunately for America this was far from the conventional war that America was expecting to be involved in. The Vietcong used guerilla tactics during the war which gave them an advantage because the American soldiers had never been trained to fight in this way. The American soldiers failed in their task to win the hearts and minds of people in South Vietnam which resulted in many South Vietnamese people supporting the Vietcong. The tactics used by VC were clever and very well planned compared to the Americans; they were careless and tried to fight a war of attrition. Some tactics they used turned out to be a success but others were very poor. The Americans were becoming very worried that soon communism would be taking over. Following the "domino theory" they believed they had to "contain communism" no matter what the cost. ...read more.


This tactic could have worked out successfully if it was done with more accuracy. Another one of Americans tactics were "search and destroy mission", this worked out terribly because it angered many of the people that Americas should have been trying to please. In these missions American troops would disrupt villages and then search them looking for any evidence that may have linked them to the Vietcong. If they did find anything wrong they would destroy the villages regardless of whom or what may still be in their. The Americas also did this as they found it very hard to actually kill the enemy and see that they had killed them as the VC were in constant hiding and when they believed they found they enemy they would completely destroy everything. Helicopter gunships were one of the few tactics that actually worked well. These worked well because they were swift and easy to control which meant that the American troops had easy access to new incoming machinery and soldiers. ...read more.


This was the biggest turn around in the whole war because this was when the Vietnamese struck a big conventional attack and started to fight fair. Although they didn't win, this warned the Americans that they weren't just armed peasants running wiled . Russia and China began to supply the Vietcong and the NVA with modern machinery because they were communist and didn't want America to take over. This was when the change had happened for sure. The Americans knew that it was no longer easy because they were gradually getting the weapons that they needed to destroy America. The Vietcong won the hearts and minds of the public which give them a big advantage over America, they promised the south Vietnamese people exactly what they wanted and showed everyone that even though they were a small country they could defend them self's from foes such as America . Which must have made the people of Vietnam feel safer as the war with America or anyone else for that matter was much less likely to happen again. ...read more.

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