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Racism and discrimination are the worst things in the USA's society.

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Racism and discrimination are the worst things in the USA's society. All of the years that blacks have been in the USA, they have been treated very wrongly. The black people who are living now either have been put through the misery of segregation and discrimination or have parents that have been put through this. Although the slavery was ended in the 19th century, the Blacks in the USA hadn't the same rights as the white population. In 1896 The Supreme Court declared that the Blacks couldn't vote and in some states there were a segregation of the schools, restaurants and even the public toilettes were separated. But in the 20th century the situation became better, for a man named Martin Luther King fought for the rights of the Blacks and in the 60's the segregations were abolished and they could finally vote. ...read more.


major problem of the black underclass is the huge increase in one-parent households of 58 %; poverty: the dangers they face in the ghettos are drugs, violence from street gangs and other crimes, live mostly on welfare --> can't escape the situation in which the find themselves (VICIOUS CIRCLE) _____________________________________ -As an solution for all the problems an organization in Pittsburgh was founded named Emanon. Its aim is to empower youth by enabling them to found their own enterprises. Having jobs the youths needn't use violence or sell drugs in order to get money to support their families. The most of the companies had such a success that many youngsters found their own businesses. This development must be continued so that even more teenagers can achieve success in their future than they have achieved in the past. -teenagers in these poor areas often think there's only one type of career brought a lot of money in this world and that's ...read more.


The racial flare-ups on college campuses, in inner cities, in high schools, and even in elementary schools -- all are evidence that much needs to be done before the USA can experience ethnic harmony. The roots of racism go back to the institution of slavery and the use of white supremacy theories to justify this institution. Although primarily directed against Blacks, the legacy of these theories includes prejudice against other non-white ethnic groups as well. You cannot expect to eradicate overnight a social poison that has had nearly 400 years to spread through the human root system of America. In many ways the Black-white situation is worse today than in the 1960's. There is greater despair, less hope and less opportunity to escape from poverty and misery among Blacks now than in the 60's. An underclass has emerged that is growing in size and anger. Cut off from the mainstream of America, it has created its own set of mores, laws, and economies like drugs. ...read more.

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