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Racism in the Unites States.

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GCSE MODERN WORLD STUDY Racism in the Unites States 1.The cause of the black riots in the 1960's consisted of many things. Firstly there was he issue of race; blacks could not get jobs, whites wouldn't employ them many whites preferred to employ Chicanos as their skin colour is slightly lighter. There was great tension between the Blacks and the Chicanos both for jobs, houses and federal money. Blacks where getting more money than the Chicanos even though there where more Chicanos living in Los Angles. The next reason for the riots was that many Blacks could not afford houses, they couldn't afford the houses as no-one would employ them and the jobs they did get they where paid half the amount a white man would be paid to the same job. It was very hard for Black people to get loans to buy their houses and they where not allowed to move into white areas. Areas where set aside for Blacks but the housing there was limited. Blacks had been and where still I many respects segregated from white people. Blacks had different areas to live in; different drinking fountains, different shops and different restraunts and they even had to sit in different parts of a bus to the white people. The school system for the Blacks and the Chicanos were immensely worse than that of a white child's. They where being taught by unqualified teachers, the schools where overcrowded, the buildings where poor and the curriculum was pitiable. It is as in no way equal to a white school. The poor literacy and dropout rate was far greater than those in the white areas. The poor education of the Blacks led to them not being able to obtain good jobs and afford housing; as they could not do the job down to no qualifications or being incapable of doing due to lack of schooling and they where Black. ...read more.


This would have had a gigantic impact on all the people letting them see how unfairly the Black's where being treated and made them want to do something about it. Another similarity was the population pressures of the Black communities the overcrowding of schools and housing. The reaction of the public in the 1990's would not have been too dissimilar to that of the one in the 1960's if everyone had known about it as people in the north and the rest of the world could see what was going on and maybe they would have kicked up a fuss and done something about it. Not many people did know about it and the white southerners who did turned a blind eye. But in the 90's everyone knew and was equally disgusted with what was going on. There were large damages caused by both riots. In the 1960's the riots damage did not seem as bad on paper as the riots in the 1990's as the cost of buildings and materials had gone up in thirty years due to inflation but in fact the devastation would have been similar. The video footage dramatically changed the nature of the riots as there was actually proof and people could actually see the horrific things that where going on. This was a great difference compared to the 1960's riots as people could see what actually happened. One key theme that was played throughout the 1960's and onwards has been the segregation. Another similar theme was the problem with houses Black peoples houses where not as up to date as White houses and their ablutions where not as good either. By the 1990's the Jim crow laws had been abolished letting races mix with each other although Black's knew that they where unwelcome in certain areas; Black's and whites may have been able to go to similar places in public but not in their communities in which they are still separate. ...read more.


Black people in the Olympics shows that they can represent their country and show the world that they are good at something and they want people to see it. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X both worked very hard and changed the life of American Blacks, Blacks could now vote and go more or less where they want. Martin Luther King was murdered three months after he made his famous speech in 1968. Malcom X was assassinated in 1965. You could argue that this was the consequence of them speaking out freely for the blacks as it aggravated many white people and worried them. Overall I feel that Martin Luther King was more successful than Malcom X; Martin Luther King protested peacefully and made an impact. He made people believe that thing could change and be different and they listened to his great speeches and followed him and many people acted on what he said and stood up for themselves. Martin Luther King in my opinion has made the biggest impact on modern day. 6. I think that present attitudes are greatly influenced by attitudes and events in the past. Firstly by the impact of individuals people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X they where both great leaders and showed Blacks I think that the extent of present attitudes that are influenced by events and attitudes in the past are great. Many Black people are proud and thankful of their ancestors who stood up for themselves, for if the had not the world may be a different place. Blacks and whites are now in a lot of areas in the world equal and can vote and have the same rights. In some areas of America racism still mildly exists like the south for example but it has downsized immensely. Black people have not forgotten the historical events that have happened in fights for their freedom such as Martin Luther King's speeches. A lot of Black and white people live similar lives, get on and work together. GCSE MODERN WORLD STUDY Racism in the United States By Miles Ward ...read more.

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