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Reading the Cartoon History of the United states by Larry Gonick has helped my understanding.

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Reading the ?Cartoon History of the United states? by Larry Gonick, gave me a better understanding on what this class is based on and help create an idea on what lies ahead for this class. The cartoons help capture a better idea on how certain events and historical figures effected our American history. With United States history not being as certain to begin with, for starts, Christopher Columbus, who is falsely believe the first to discover America and celebrated every year but as some historians believe, He just came and took over, killed thousand millions of the truly founders of North American. The Cartoon Book clears things up and helps student understand what it all truly means. The Cartoon book offers a more visual understanding to what the textbook is trying to explain. In pages 12-13, of the cartoon book, for example, the author gives a better understanding on how tobacco really effects the colonies and even how it effects us today while the ?American History,A survey? by Alan Brinkley focus more on the exchange of tobacco between England and New England and the troubles it brought with the natives. Until John Rolfe discovered the native tobacco plant the colonies had little hope to survive let alone success. ...read more.


In my opinion I believe was something at the time, colonist felt saved them but in the long run for that it was tougher on them and was just making England richer. Between the Cartoon book and the Zinn book, I feel the author, Howard Zinn had a more interesting , details way to explain events in history. For example, in the cartoon book, page 31, Gonick focus more on the governor Berkeley running from the burning James town and the problems brought by the Bacon Rebellion. The Bacon Rebellion was a civil war between the government and Jamestown farmers. Which I think, could have been avoided the government handled the Indians who were up set with farmers taking over their land better and not run away from the problem like Berkeley. It all started when farmers, led by Nathaniel Bacon, a young graduate from Cambridge university ,who won his way on to the government council, did an unauthorized assault on the Indians which became a military challenge. In the Zinn's book, he gives a better understanding by adding real documents and reports. In a Royal Commission report, Bacon was described,(Zinn,p.39), ?he seduced ignorant people...charges the governor as negligent and wicked, treacherous and incapable ...the unquiet crowd follow and adhere to him... ...read more.


The written style of the book also offers plenty of help. With short, note-like paragraphs along with a cartoon helps people like me, who learn better with pictures, understand the information. Therefore, with the information easier to understand, chapter tests and even the AP exam will also be easier to ace. With this book, in chapter test, I can just look up the topics we're testing on and help me get anything better than a zero even if I?m totally lost and when it comes to the AP exam I just read and learn the book word by word and hope I remember it all when the moment comes. The book just seems to be like your own written notes. Over all, the text book, Zinn book and Cartoon book offer different ways to learn Our American History. They offer a variety that allows everyone ,whether someone learns a certain way than most, a chance to go though and have an understanding on how important is was what certain people did and how their choices effected the way events turned out and how America is today. I believe this book is an amazing book to give to not only AP United State history students but to all similar history classes. ...read more.

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