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reagon and gorbachev

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Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan became president of the USA in 1981. He said "Russia is the evil empire". Reagan was committed to reducing taxation. In an attempt to cut back spending he was prepared to discuss arms limitations. In 1981 he offered 'zero option' which would mean both sides dismantling and removing all their weapons but Brezhnev refused. In December 1981 the USSR imposed martial law in Poland and Reagan showed his anger by stopping exports of high technology to the USSR. In 1982 strategic arms reduction talks began and this was also known as START but they soon became deadlocked. In the same year the USA announce plans for the strategic defense initiative which was also known as starwars. ...read more.


Gorbachev Gorbachev was around when the cold war ended in the late 1980's to early 1990's. Gorbachev believed in perestroika which meant economic restructuring. The cold war ended because the USSR ran out of money. By 1989 the Soviet Union was bankrupt. This was because of the cost of the arms race, the war in Afghanistan, the red army, the space race, the failings of the communist economic system and the cost of COMECON which was a massive drain on the Soviet Union's resources. The government couldn't afford to pay the wages of the red army and this meant that without the red army they could not stay in control of countries in the eastern bloc. ...read more.


Gorbachev was not prepared to use force to maintain communist control over the countries in the eastern bloc and to him the prospect of bloodshed was unacceptable. In 1989 all countries in the eastern block which had been occupied by the red army since WWII gained independence. In 1989 the Berlin wall was also torn down and this was the biggest symbol of the collapse of the cold war. On the third of December Bush and Gorbachev declared the cold war over. In 1991 the United States and the Soviet Union signed an agreement which made them reduce their stockpiles of nuclear warheads by about a third. START was signed in Moscow by Bush and Gorbachev. The pens they used to sign the treaty were made out of melted down SS-20 and Pershing II missiles. ?? ?? ?? ?? Deanna Pearson 11I ...read more.

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