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Reasons for the development of the final solution

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Leo Pearson 11H History Coursework The reason for the development of the final solution is under much historical debate. There is the structuralists who believe it was a result of wartime problems, that it was a improvised response to the problems. However there is the intentionalists who believe Hitler planned the holocaust due to his pathological hatred of the Jews. Now in this essay I am going to present the evidence for both schools of thought. There is substantial evidence to support the structuralists. Nazi policy previous to 1939 towards the jews were concentrated on social exclusion, legislation and encouraged emigration. It can be seen that emigration was encouraged when in 1939 the Reich central office for Jewish emigration was set up. This is proof that the Nazis were still trying to pass on the 'Jewish Problem' The problem for the policy of emigration became increasingly difficult from Anchluss onwards. When Austria rejoined with Germany this gave Germany 150,000 more Jews which made emigration increasingly more unlikely, even though Eichman forced 45 000 Jews to emigrate. ...read more.


This proves though that the nazis intention to emigrate the Jews, rather than kill them, was still present in 1941. Also another factor in the development of the 'final solution' is the Einsatzgruppen. The Einsatzgruppen was used to execute Jews. It is estimated that they killed 2 million Jews, with the help of the army & the local Slav population, who also shared the anti-semitic feelings of the Nazis (seen in pogroms ie:1905 in which the state sponsored violence towards the Jews to distract them from the problems seen in Russia). However the Einsatzgruppen found it hard to deal with, due to the thousands of murders involved. They started to suffer psychological problems, further more the Nazi officials found the public displays distasteful. So a new solution to the Jewish 'question' had to be found. This left to the 'final solution'. The Final Solution was drawn up in detail at the Wannsee conference. There it seems that the logistics of transporting Jews to polish death camps were finalised here, as the gassing of Jews were already underway, as a result of the success of the T4 euthanasia programme. ...read more.


The fact that up until the failure of the invasion of the USSR the Nazis were trying to deport Jews & force them to emigrate is evidence that it wasn't Hitlers intention from a early age to kill the European Jews, which is what intentionalists believe. However Hitler did have strong anti-semitic feelings, although many of Europeans were anit-semitic. However the holocaust wouldn't of been possible it there was no anti-semitism. Example of this can be seen from progroms in Russia which were usually government sponsored or approved violence towards the Jews. However the holocaust could of only happened with Hitlers approval, & also the only person that could stop the holocaust. But moreover I still support the structuralist way of thinking. "it was only the failure of the Russian campaign & the Nazis inability to cope with the millions of deported Jews building up in Poland that led to initiatives which gained Hitlers approval. . . The holocaust was the result of the regime's hasty search for a way out of the problem it had created for itself." Adapted from Mason1981, Mommsen 1991, & Broszat1979. ...read more.

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