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Reasons to whitechapel murders

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There are a number of reasons that the Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention. One of them was the nature of the attacks. No one had ever seen or heard about such violent and gruesome attacks so everyone wanted to know more. The middle class had to take an interest because of the threat of disorder and a possible revolt by the poor. So for this reason they wanted to see the murderer caught as soon as possible for their own safety not the prostitutes. The interest in the murders grew with each attack. This was because of the regular continuation of the killings and the failure of the police catching him. Another reason interest grew with every attack was because of the amount of women that were killed, there had not really been any serial killers recorded before in history so this was all new to everyone. ...read more.


The upper class was also very surprised that it was the poor being attacked and not them being attacked for their money. The main factor that attracted so much attention towards the murderers though was the press at the time. The murders coincided with the beginning of the rise from the tabloid press. As they were just starting they needed to attract new readers this means that they were all describing the attacks in graphic detail as this sold papers. The Star August 31st 1888 wrote 'a woman with.... her throat cut from ear to ear...the wound was about two inches wide and blood was flowing profusely...as the corpse lies in the mortuary it presents a ghastly sight.' Another article in the same paper said 'The throat is cut in two gashes....the instrument having been a sharp one but ...read more.


The East and West Ham Gazette Saturday 6th October 1888 wrote 'this is surely the time for those who have time and money at their disposal to come forward and help on a movement that shall...do away with prostitution....it must be a cruel thing for women who have had a respectable youth to have these dens of infamy to rest, to be compelled to walk the streets until they can get fourpence somehow or other that is necessary to pay for what is called a bed.' All the types of press also reacted to the excitement and morbid fascination the public took so they wanted to produce more and more. When all of this is taken into account it is hardly surprising that the work of Jack The Ripper attracted so much attention at the time. ...read more.

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