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Reichstag Fire

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Assesment 1 Question 3 Was any of these reasons more important than the others in Hitler´┐Żs rise sto power?Explain you Answer. There were many other reasons to explain why Hitler got into power in 1933.Many of the people which were able to take part and vote in the Reichstag Building ,supported Hitler .Lot's of publicity was given out to the Germans and many posters were in town to the fact to support Hitler. The Treaty of Versailles was another important Factor which helped Hitler rise to power. There was a lot of anger about resenting this Treaty and Hitler promised to do so. ...read more.


to appoint Hitler as a Chancellor in 1993" If it wasn't because of President Hindenburg and Papen's decision Hitler would have never rosin into power in 1933.Hindenburg was able to appoint Hitler as a Chancellor because he couldn't act in case of an emergency. The Depression was considered a emergency so he could appoint Hitler ass A Chancellor after Von Papen's convincing. Hitler became very popular by the reason that he was a great speaker. But he wasn't very much recognised and the German population didn't vote for him because he wasn't very famous. ...read more.


The deal consisted in making Hitler Chancellor and Papen himself being bi-chancellor. After several time, Hindenburg was convinced and appointed Hitler as a Chancellor in 1933. Hitler's oratory,personality and leadership wouldn't take him nowhere if he didn't have someone to appoint him as a Chancellor as General Hindenburg did. Some of these reasons also play part as well but Hinder burg's decision was the most effective. As a conclusion I think that the main factor which made Hitler become a Chancellor was the appointment of Papen and Hindenburg to Chancellor .For example all the ideas explained at the beginning (Depression, Ability to Speak, Treaty of Versailles...) Those decisions didn't make any difference because he wasn't known by all Germany; this was showed in the election on 1933. ...read more.

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